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Married Vs. Single: How To Breakup With Your S.O.

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Text Comments (581)
Tricia Cunningham (1 year ago)
EyesOfTheLion 11 (1 year ago)
I can tell that Kelsey is actually very insecure and emotionally unstable underneath. She overcompensates for that by being very loud and over the top assertive attitude.
TB - 1497 (1 year ago)
"I'm Irish"...
Joy Kaiza828 (1 year ago)
what's S.O
hugo pinai (2 years ago)
Seriously though, Kelsey you are great I love every video you're in, but Americans need to stop saying they're Irish o Italian
Christina Ward (2 years ago)
how is she Irish? we irish are both peaceful and other things
Sky Hope (2 years ago)
Tbh would Ned be Ned if he wasn't so married?
The Sketching Dork (2 years ago)
1:05 learned about "I" messages in health class actually. it's true
Kathryn Lutz (2 years ago)
why did this end
marisaswn (2 years ago)
"worst case scenario, just ghost them!" terrible advice, but I done it
Hannah smith (2 years ago)
"I'm Irish I've no patience " me 😹
Filbie (2 years ago)
Dude.. "I'm sorry you feel that way" is one of THE WORST things you can say, no question
Maryam Asfari (2 years ago)
yelling and insulting people is super fun. also throwing things.
Jade (2 years ago)
okay but if Ned and Ariel were to ever actually break up, then the internet would riot
Ivy Serene (2 years ago)
hehe I'm Irish to
Rhiannon Shae (2 years ago)
Lin Cee (2 years ago)
What happened to this series? 😭
ACCOUNT INACTIVE (2 years ago)
is Ned wasn't married and his wife wasn't so adorable I would 100% ship this XD
Surabhi Grover (2 years ago)
Hold on... Isn't the title wrong?
Brandon Luboff (2 years ago)
Where are the episodes every Saturday? =(
Minna (2 years ago)
but why her lipstick always match the candle
yung josh (2 years ago)
how is kelsey single
Sami Khan (2 years ago)
hey gyzz...i need some help from celsie..plzz..the love of my life and i just ruined it...tell me how do you say sorry to a girl....
Arya Yudha Permana (2 years ago)
kelsey how r u single? an improv poem by arya 'grant' yudha kelsey bae how u single? u lookin fine gurl i'd love to meet u cz then we'd mingle i think u prettier than ma sweatshirt earl kelsey baee how is u singlee?? u lookin like elizabeth olsen u make my tender regions tingle i'd give anything for our hands to be holdin' the end, xoxo
I'm a Penguin (2 years ago)
Mia Sessions (2 years ago)
Hey Kelsey and Ned! When do you think you should have the whole "defining the relationship" talk? :/
Debra-Ann Walker (2 years ago)
I wonder what Ned did with his life before he met Ariel..?
I ate your forehead (2 years ago)
"I normally just throw something and leave, and then slam the door, but I'm a big Taylor Swift fan..." XD XD XD XD XD THAT PART WAS HILARIOUS.
Lillyy (2 years ago)
Well now iam single achter 4 years and this pops up...we broke up 2 days ago :((((
Mark M (2 years ago)
I know it's Buzzfeed but if that girl Kelsey is for real, she has violent abusive tendencies.
Itzel Armenta (2 years ago)
the best advice in this video was what ned said "sometimes you have to go to bed angry because being drunk and tired is not the best time to resolve a disagreement" yaaas ned speaking truth and reality
Merkwurdiig (2 years ago)
Shouldn't this be on after party?
eileen58 (2 years ago)
My rule for when I'm mad is that I sleep on it. If I forget about it by morning then it doesn't matter, if not, we talk about it. I think it's better that way because I realize what I'm truly mad about long term, short term stuff doesn't matter & it saves us from a bunch of petty fights. :)
Devasri Warrier (2 years ago)
I like Ned's advice
Chaya (2 years ago)
I'm the 666th comment 👹
Michelle Boon (2 years ago)
1:53 Ned turns into every dorky character from a 90s highschool sitcom ever. Although Ned is already kind of a 90s cartoon character....
Katie White (2 years ago)
SHE'S IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!
AgentSteffi (2 years ago)
did they changed the title? wasn't it "fight" or something? why "breakup" all of a sudden?
Gabrielle Brown (2 years ago)
When I watch these and see the way they both deal with problems I think I know why Kelsey is single
Kate (2 years ago)
Ned and his wife are so adorable. :) Can I be part of their relationship... LOL
Rye Bread (2 years ago)
I'm SO Kelsey, like you don't even know 😂
Sara Mattfeld (2 years ago)
The shade that was thrown at JOHN
Cassie (2 years ago)
how is this telling us how to breakup lmao
Empathic Warrior (2 years ago)
I need a ned
Kpop Amy (2 years ago)
Kelsey reminds me so much of Mickey from Netflix series "Love".
Divya Sasidharan (2 years ago)
"Whenever me and my wife fight, we curl up in the bed and talk really softly" see thats what i wanna do but hes in miami n m in new york.
cal collins (2 years ago)
y is there a blue penis on the left side of the shelf
Aoibhín Spillane (2 years ago)
Kelsey is irish?
Amjad Saleh (2 years ago)
why is she talking like that ??? like she drunk
sbelair22 (2 years ago)
"It is what it is" .. THE worst
madariawalls19 (2 years ago)
I think my boyfriend is single AF.he literally has the same reasoning as a single person does and his only excuse is that his is all new but we've been together 3 years already😑
msori12345 (2 years ago)
Love these two they are so funny
Subjective Object (2 years ago)
Anyone else get the 9texts ad? Lol
Caitlinls (2 years ago)
"Hi,I'm Ned and I'm married" I would have never of guessed 😱
Sophia M (2 years ago)
What happens if Kelsey gets a partner?
Anoushka Rao (2 years ago)
"im sorry you feel that way" me to drake
bống (2 years ago)
I also a swiftie!!!!!
Maria Montgomery (2 years ago)
Why is this named "How to Break Up With Your S.O."
this charming woman (2 years ago)
It should've been "how to fight", they probably made a mistake
Becca Mei (2 years ago)
+Halle may I know. That does not change my opinion. They don't tell you how to break up.
Halle may (2 years ago)
+Becca Mei S.O= significant other
Emo Hobo (2 years ago)
For people who are gay or lesbian
Becca Mei (2 years ago)
+Thea Wonder this too
Nena H (2 years ago)
You're not Irish, you are American, oh my god.
vickywicky (2 years ago)
Ned take the L
ColdRayne (2 years ago)
His face at the end 😂 "what" 😳
LaTripper (2 years ago)
I feel like Kelsey was supposed to be Latina.
petev23 (2 years ago)
Butt plug detected...look at the blue mushroom shaped butt plug behind Kelsey
Evie Ro (2 years ago)
whyd yall change the title
sam moriarty (2 years ago)
Omg I'm Irish too
Lycorisred (2 years ago)
Very inaccurate title as usual buzzfeed
idk wat (2 years ago)
Wait ... What did he say at the end lol to tick her off haha?
Shivangi Singh (2 years ago)
literally adore this series because these two are some of my favorite buzzfeed people
Madison Montez (2 years ago)
what is an S.O
Logan Taylor (2 years ago)
This is my favorite buzzfeed segment. Kelsey and Ned are both great.
Elizabeth Schwartz (2 years ago)
I totally thought he was gay
Alicia Gomez (2 years ago)
"Hi, I'm Ned and I'm married." Really? I had no idea.
Rylee N (2 years ago)
kelsey is my spirit animal
Sam Fiore (2 years ago)
Kelsey's lipstick matches the candle in the background!! Lol
xoxobribaby (2 years ago)
I love this pair so much
Autumn McClain (2 years ago)
I relate to this girl SO MUCH
julie botero (2 years ago)
when they change the title & thumbnail 😌😂
Mariel Camacho (2 years ago)
What will happen if Kelsey gets in a relationship??
Lauren (2 years ago)
Why are After Party videos being posted on Yellow? You're also posting duplicate videos (the Ladylike self-defense video was posted on Buzzfeed Yellow three times).
lauren eh (2 years ago)
yeah John
Anshule Takyar (2 years ago)
why did the name change?
Sammi sullivan (2 years ago)
They changed the title?
justineelyseda (2 years ago)
why'd the title change to how to break up from fight? This is about fighting
Cici Cerreta (2 years ago)
Why did they move this show from after party?
Jack D (2 years ago)
Both sit down and each choose a character to fight each other as in a fighting game.
Miriam Feigin (2 years ago)
OMFG Kelsey! You love Taylor Swift! Me too! We are #swifties
Jessica Hocson (2 years ago)
I love these two, put them together I can't stop laughing.
Alen_Egre T (2 years ago)
My worst fight? I fight with my brother, he hit me and I stop talking to him....FOR 8 MONTHS. (We share room).
Rebecca Koch (2 years ago)
Ned talking about his wife is adorable.
Meow Mix (2 years ago)
Neds all over it.
Kelsi Hudson (2 years ago)
Me and Kelsey are literally the same person I swear 😂😂😂we act the same and my name is Kelsi
Ireland Nicole (2 years ago)
When Ned's wife gets pregnant can she get everyone at buzzfeeds help to surprise Ned and make a video of his reaction
Phanber B (2 years ago)
I need this before I die! Make this right now BUZZFEED
Rouaa Atef (2 years ago)
"I'm iresh I'm always angry" *immediately thinks of jacksepticeye*
Abigail Holbrook (2 years ago)
Alessandra Fiorentini (2 years ago)
Mario cart yaaas!
shutyotrapgurl (2 years ago)
"But then again I'm a big Taylor Swift fan" me
Mustafa Hall (2 years ago)
two of my favorite ppl😊
Grace Bej (2 years ago)
Pause and look at Ned at 2:11 you won't regret it
Grace Bej (2 years ago)
+Phanber B You're very welcome 
Phanber B (2 years ago)
You have ruined my impression on Ned forever 😂 good job
Julia Brownie (2 years ago)
2:14 look at kelsey looking at ned omgggg so cute :( such loving aw
MovingForward (2 years ago)
I love this series.

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