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Meet the Parents - Trailer

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Male nurse Greg Focker(Ben Stiller) is poised to propose to his girlfriend... but first he has to get past her cat-crazy, ex-CIA father(Robert De Niro) in this uproarious blockbuster comedy.
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Armando Sanchez (16 days ago)
Gabby S (1 month ago)
Joseph Angeles (1 month ago)
That narrator known for such Universal movie trailers from like the late-90s. I miss hearing his voice I felt like his voice was more fitting for that studio. Would’ve been, for example, if he narrated the trailer of “Welcome to Marwen.” Wonder what his name was.
nongthip (2 months ago)
One of those rare examples of a very popular movie in which every character is entirely disagreeable and annoying. Trying to think of one likable character.... nope. And then they go and make two more of them which were even worse. =(
Rudy House (2 months ago)
Don Lino the Shark 🦈 and Alex the Lion 🦁.
Shubham (3 months ago)
Aparna Rajesh (3 months ago)
vito corlelne fond of his cat
teoyongkiang (4 months ago)
my mummy and daddy watch this show i also want to watch with her
Blake Fletcher (4 months ago)
that scene where Pam's mum jumps right into the pool fully clothed always gets me. It's her expression hahaha
Armando Sanchez (4 months ago)
Atw5aeise5iseti A0
karis mcintyre (5 months ago)
Well, Mike looks a little like Ben Stiller, I thought he was a cop not a Nurse.
Mike Cadile (7 months ago)
I am lord focker.
Anthony Bou Zeydane (7 months ago)
i'm a patient man .... that's what 19 months in a Vietnamese prison camp will do to you
Walter Schivo (8 months ago)
1:24 is like wow, the sequel to Marcia Brady's broken nose with Dina, only add a black eye to it.
Jazzkeyboardist1 (8 months ago)
amazing a cia guy can not turn off the water on a toilet?
Kate Quinn (8 months ago)
paint the cat. . .
Kane SC (8 months ago)
1 and 2 are great but the 3rd is shit
Nitesh Chowdhury (9 months ago)
Why was danny not in the dinner scene (cat mlking)? He was introduced very late...
Jeton Oyunlar (10 months ago)
This is a video, but I tried to click the channel name and there was no video?!?!?!?!?
Stuff (10 months ago)
i was watching it and it changed to 59 milliion subs
David Dunn (11 months ago)
Shot makes me wonder wt fock was de niro thinking being in these movies And from plot perspective... just duck your daughter already
tiotito31 (1 year ago)
Damn, this trailer pretty much gives away everything in the film
brokedownsystem (10 months ago)
still a very fun movie, fortunately!
dennis seaborn (1 year ago)
Nicole DeHuff, darn missed, really like her character in this movie.she's a sweet person can't believe it she's gone so soon. may rest in peace.
Zein Naja (1 year ago)
"AOL keyword: Meet the Parents" lol
Pls guys someone tell me a funny comedy but not vacation,we are the millers....
Unfazed Media -iii- (8 months ago)
Apocalypse Now
amy clarke (1 year ago)
Loved this but her fear of her dad so like mine
Sleuth Entertainment (1 year ago)
Did anybody know this was a remake of a 1992 independient black comedy with the same name? The original film is better...although there isn't DeNiro
Abhilasha Dubey (1 year ago)
kya tumhe dhinchak pooja achi lagti hai
Anurag Dahiya (1 year ago)
Abhilasha Dubey nahi
jim68 (2 years ago)
A very sad end 4 actress Nicole DeHuff(Deborah Byrnes). Passed away 2/16/05 at age 30 from pneumonia. Doctors misdiagnosed what was wrong with her 2 times. By the time she got 2 the hospital it was 2 late 2 save her. May she RIP. Gone 2 soon. So young. So sad. If the doctors made the right diagnostic she would still b alive 2day. Also RIP 2 character actor James Rebhorn(Dr. Larry Banks). Passed away 3/21/14 at age 65 from melanoma. He will also b solely missed.
Richard Williams (1 month ago)
jayaybe1 did he?
jayaybe1 (5 months ago)
Why do you talk like a retarded twelve year old?
xNAJAFx (2 years ago)
Biggest idiot is Pam for not asking her dad to fuck off.
Waltk (2 years ago)
one of my favorites!
Yo Squishy (2 years ago)
The is meet the Fokker
Yo Squishy (2 years ago)
Ok smarty pants
Buzzy Trombone (2 years ago)
No its the prequel of that movie.
A Guy (2 years ago)
AOL keyword: Meet the Parents
TheVarietyBros (3 years ago)
I love this movie so much!
Anne (4 years ago)
Glad I never saw the trailer before I watched the movie lol, they give everything away
justin fleming (4 years ago)
Zach Arroyo (4 years ago)
I have nipples Greg could you milk me.
Jazzkeyboardist1 (8 months ago)
GOT powered dry milk?
thankennedy (4 years ago)
Rip voice over dude
justin fleming (4 years ago)
and rip james rebhorn and nicole dehuff
thankennedy (4 years ago)
Rip voice over dude!
NewYorkS4U (5 years ago)
If this movie made realize anything, it's that I don't want any cops or law-related people in my personal life whatsoever. Believe me, you won't feel safe around them; they'll pretty much tell (or shall I say, demand) you to abide by laws, and now that they're in your personal life, they'll have a reason to watch you. If you do something illegal and not know it's illegal until they prove to you that it is, but you still want to continue doing it anyway, they'll have a reason to watch you. Trust me, cops are NEVER off the clock. Ever!
Darnell Major (2 years ago)
Can you elaborate further like an experience or example?
Mary Linehan (2 years ago)
i love that movie it's so funny
blondedbythelight703 (5 years ago)
And I thought my in-laws were Assholes.
lester (5 years ago)
some dad's have a crush on their daughter, so they get jealous of their boyfriends/husband. unless she's fat and ugly.
Kate Quinn (8 months ago)
I just want to die. (5 years ago)
i love this movie XD
Stang Captain (5 years ago)
AOL Keyword is the biggest LOL in this trailer.
A.k.a Biped (5 years ago)
what's the difference between mockery and comedy.
The Hollingsworths (5 years ago)
Instead of studying for an exam, I watched this movie lol. It helped me with my families course exam and I got an 81% on it anyways hahah!
MarieColaco (5 years ago)
best movie of 2000 I saw this 100 times
gamer555mv (5 years ago)
Gaylord focker
Aryan K (5 years ago)
That's my Future son in law.. lol
Ahmed Elsaher (1 year ago)
Aryan K ى
cbot queezy (6 years ago)

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