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Meet the Parents (2/11) Best Movie Quote - Puff the Magic Dragon (2000)

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Text Comments (68)
theinfidelXBL (23 days ago)
"you a pothead focker?"
ucfkid67 (28 days ago)
Puffing the magic pole
ben saucedo (2 months ago)
Yes I do big fan lol
Trip Wall (3 months ago)
I'm going be a contrarian asshole because that's what I do: Greg was no saint. He lied about a few small but significant things, he was willing to have a family think they found their beloved cat when there was no indication that the cat would even show up. And not with a regular attitude about it, but while acting as he was the hero. That's a sign of some serious lack of ethics. And Jack gets painted as the bad guy because he wants his (clearly favourite) daughter to have a good upstanding man like Bob?
Lightning4563 (2 months ago)
Jack also has an irrational dislike of Greg from the moment he meets him.
fallout angel (3 months ago)
At the end of the film his wife says that he didn't like bob until after the broke up, that was the issue. He never gave anyone a chance and he thought no one was good enough. Like she (pam's mother) also said, he wasn't actually thinking about what Pam wanted.
Ben Simmons (4 months ago)
Are you a pothead, Focker?
Armando Sanchez (4 months ago)
Jay Hill (5 months ago)
are you a pothead Focker?
Ronald Mcdonald (5 months ago)
No what do you mean puff is just the name of the magic dragon 🤣👌
Quadro Warstar (6 months ago)
Everyone has their own preference for pets. Personally, I prefer a quiet animal.
Speedy Steve (7 months ago)
Puff the magic drag-on, lived by the C
carlos roman (7 months ago)
I puff that dragon xd.)
380PPK (7 months ago)
Very few people probably pick up on the nuanced interactions here between Jack and Greg. it wouldn't surprise me if an actual interrogation specialist wasn't hired as a consultant while making the film. I say this because notice how Jack is intentionally quiet and very aloof when talking with Greg. Jack shows very little emotion and obviously picks up on Greg's feelings of awkwardness and anxiety about trying to make sure that Jack is comfortable with him. it's all psychological manipulation on Jack's part to manipulate Greg to confessing his past. I bet the whole Puff the Magic Dragon song in the car was actually staged to really see if Greg was a pot smoker.
Grammar Nazi (7 months ago)
Robert De Niro has gone completely insane. Have you seen him recently - he's become as senile and as stupid as Nancy Pelosy and McCain combined.
George From Jungle (7 months ago)
you are a pothead, fucker ? LOL
Tee OB (7 months ago)
Anyone else ever notice the first car behind these guys is driving so slow it has an additional 4 cars right behind it?
jr2280 (7 months ago)
Yes I do... I'm a big fan.
GalaxyTraveler (8 months ago)
This is me in a car with anyone! To a fucking T.
Phillip Fry (8 months ago)
Quote from the video.
TheGooners11 (8 months ago)
Fuck cats they are rats with fur
Juan Martin (8 months ago)
I have a Pit n a cat. I have too say it's very true what Jack said what's the difference between cat's n dog's, my cat is a little dickhead LOL
Myriad (8 months ago)
De Niro clearly struggling not to laugh in this scene
Laurie Reynolds (8 months ago)
Puff is just the name of the boy's magical dragon.
Daniel Toma (9 months ago)
"You like an emotionally shallow animal?"
theinfidelXBL (9 months ago)
love this scene XD
Jeff Krong (10 months ago)
How about you blow that magic dragon up your butthole, Mr. Perfect dad from CIA
Chuck Norris (10 months ago)
Are you a pothead focker?
steve Kos (11 months ago)
if cats have to have their affection worked for, then jack never won over the affection of his own cat since the cat disrespected his mother by pissing on her ashes from the urn.
Quadro Warstar (6 months ago)
steve Kos Why would the cat respect Jack's mother if Jack is the one who earned his affection??! 🤷
Nicole Newsome (8 months ago)
bmillerdrums (10 months ago)
Zachary Hughes (11 months ago)
you know the whole drug thing? No I don't know why don't you tell me
xmobster5 (10 months ago)
matt k (11 months ago)
The comedic timing between Stiller and DeNiro in this scene is perfection.
wescoastcreolefolk (1 year ago)
The more I watch this movie ths more I sort of see why Jack didnt like Greg.. "Who would have thought it wasnt really about a dragon"..lol wtf why would you mention that to your obviously uptight girlfriends father?... Not to mention his other antics throughout the movie.. I'm with Jack lol Fk outtahere Focker.
Cynthia Perez (7 months ago)
he was nervous and scared . .he had no idea what to do or say..
J H (9 months ago)
He’s also a male nurse so
Víctor Carcuro (9 months ago)
Yeah. Greg's a moron, actually.
joenunzS3 (1 year ago)
Yes i do, big fan.....
EXEJON (1 year ago)
2:05 Deniro does a great Robert Deniro impression.
NalurYs JourneY (1 year ago)
"I pass on grass all the time..." lol
NalurYs JourneY (11 months ago)
Matthew Neathery hahaha you good, cheers~ ...but how come you don't like cats...?
Matthew Neathery (11 months ago)
no yes no
NalurYs JourneY (11 months ago)
"Yes or no Greg....?"
Matthew Neathery (1 year ago)
i mean not all the time
gcHK47 (1 year ago)
Jack is a cat; Greg has to work for his affection.
JonsenMT (10 months ago)
gcHK47 Woah I never realized that till you mentioned it. Very cool!
degree7 (1 year ago)
Jack is an asshole
Adam Khid (1 year ago)
oh you need that assurance do you? you prefer an emotionally sallow animal? lmaooo
Bianca Caro (5 months ago)
Adam Khid kills me 😂😂😂
Ross DiamondThief (1 year ago)
I’m sorry Im with Greg on this one Id prefer a dog over a cat any day. Plus I’m allergic to cats lol.
mansonlamps (8 months ago)
Cats dont sell out the way dogs do! U need that assurance do you?
xmobster5 (10 months ago)
Nick Yad (1 year ago)
Magic dragon yeah
Bennett McCoy (2 months ago)
It is, the author of the song said so many times
David (1 year ago)
Yes, and all pot heads are perverts.
David Lake (8 months ago)
David ' I smell death on you. '
Agent1W (2 years ago)
I hope my future father-in-law and I won't have these kinds of awkward moments.
Kingfring 669 (2 years ago)
Greg why don't you like cats lmfao I'm dead
Sjoerd van Gemert (2 months ago)
Ever saw a Ghost?
Ryan (1 year ago)
That was all in the delivery...totally cut Greg off and you could tell he wasn't listening at all to what Greg was trying to tell him but rather pondering why Greg doesn't like cats.
CodyHGaming (2 years ago)
"No. Yes. No." lol
Michael Latrell (10 months ago)
😂😂😂 best part
Matthew Neathery (1 year ago)
i pass on grass all the time i mean not all the time
w (3 years ago)
w (3 years ago)
"Are your a pothead fucker" ? Haahahaha
Art Cardenas (3 years ago)
Focker*.. that's his name ._.

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