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JaackMaate (4 months ago)
LIKE the video & comment “I’M SKINT” below and I’ll go through and send some of you free shirts.
Ellie Macdonald (1 month ago)
I’m skint it doesn’t really matter u won’t see this great 👍 content
Kaden Anderson (1 month ago)
JaackMaate he bought a sexdoll noooooo
powaw D coolio uk (1 month ago)
2 months later I'm still skint maate
Robyn D (2 months ago)
*I'm skint*
Some gay Whore (2 months ago)
Χρύσα Βι (6 days ago)
Χρύσα Βι (6 days ago)
If someone just break his doll i'd love to see his reaction😂😂😂
Gh05t_Fr3ak19 (9 days ago)
I like the way you say the word "cunt"
Amor Mio (13 days ago)
bbbbbbbbbbbooooooooo you talk to much láser👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😝😝
Ilovefijiwater (13 days ago)
The whitest black guy ever
Lennart Hergl (16 days ago)
What the actual heck
Nova Lynn (17 days ago)
I once saw this docu about a guy who was into dolls, turned out this guy lived about three streets away from me, awkward meeting that person in the store...
puppylover J (18 days ago)
I didn't get an ad...
emie :D (18 days ago)
i feel physically uncomfortable watching this video
HACER MUSIC (18 days ago)
Rooney plays in District of Columbia you cretin
Aoi Mizu (22 days ago)
Key word to each it's own
TropicalBeast450 (22 days ago)
Only one word for this "disturbing"
Jakob Davis (22 days ago)
I’m skint
fried egg depression (24 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that the the doll kinda looks like lynz way
Hopper Central (1 month ago)
Why don't people realise they have hands? No need for dogs, cars or dolls!
Iskra Robertson (1 month ago)
Marc Hughes (1 month ago)
Dude.. You've got a disturbed man who's clearly lonely and desperate. Who's found some comfort in a doll. It's strange and uncomfortable to watch. But he doesn't seem like a bad man and it doesn't seem like a fetish but a guy who wants to feel some love. This video of you making fun of this guy just seems cruel and unnecessary.
Synaptic Reaper (1 month ago)
F**king a car 😂😂😂😂😂
Rishil Mehta (1 month ago)
Ur just a fat granny shagger😂
Shay (1 month ago)
Only in America
Ellie Macdonald (1 month ago)
This just completely put me off my chocolate digestive biscuit
Chelsea kelly (1 month ago)
Your a fucking poof
Joesph Sincissen (1 month ago)
Off course this guy live in Michigan!!! Where I live!!!! Idiots!!!
Avais Shah (1 month ago)
*sees title* *Sees ass on video* "N...N...NANI!!"
Me.MissBaker Hi (1 month ago)
Dave has a yellow tooth!
Me.MissBaker Hi (1 month ago)
Dave has a yellow tounge
Parker Nelson (1 month ago)
I feel bad for him, I think he has some mental issues he needs to work through.
Tom Hendo (1 month ago)
GIMME A VOLVO!!! died when u said that also "I'M SKINT"
AwfulMusik (1 month ago)
Why is it always America?
wallace bruce (1 month ago)
"Dave looks like when you randomize a sim a couple of times" 😂😂😂😂
shirley rae (1 month ago)
Lol why did the video not come up in my sub box. I watch all your videos
Mop & Bucket (1 month ago)
Freddie Mercury if his musical career didn’t go down the way it did
LOL Dragon (1 month ago)
9:52 it looks like a fucking scene from a horror movie
emmy price (1 month ago)
i was enjoying my kebab until he started talking about the removable tongue
Heller Lengsfield (1 month ago)
Lmao I live in Norwich
Ryeil Dalipe (1 month ago)
I can't believe it!!😱😱😱
Clark Dauphin (2 months ago)
The removable tounge part😣😣
Amelie Holland (2 months ago)
Im skint
Alana Kingsley (2 months ago)
Im skint
Robyn D (2 months ago)
Chase was the car, Nathaniel was the car fucker
Niall Aston (2 months ago)
Y does he look like ET 😂
Kapiche' (2 months ago)
Clickbait thumbnail! Thought it was going o be Obama dammit! 😩
Sheen Vlogs (2 months ago)
I now feel sick from how much of a virgin that guy was 🤬🤢
hansel (2 months ago)
god its so creepy that it's an Asian woman too? Like there's such a culture of Asian fetishisation with women it's just... This inanimate woman.... It's so surreal and unnerving
Olivia Clark-Davis (2 months ago)
So... I'm just watching the video and then I see he's from Michigan... All I ask is that I never run into Davecat ever in my life please... Michigan should be big enough to keep him and his doll love away and all of her tongues too.
fujoshi ramble (2 months ago)
When he was kissing the doll, I had to exit full screen, to be honest with you. It was scarier than my youtube profile picture
Authorized personnel (2 months ago)
This guy is like that one English friend who is really opinionated
Dylan Morrisd (2 months ago)
That shit is just fucking scary
Harry Coltman (2 months ago)
I turned racist after that video
CV Robson (2 months ago)
*tips cup slightly* oh I shouldn't do that I might spill the tea *flips cup twice* DEFINITELY NOT GONNA SPILL THE BLOODY TEA ARE YA NOW
Alannah MCALLISTER (2 months ago)
When u randomise a sim Omgggg dead 💀😂
Amy Bee (2 months ago)
This is part of a bigger documentary that has a guy from the UK in it and he's a lot weirder
MrBrentles (2 months ago)
How does a plastic doll give consent.. It's doll rape.
Livvy Chambers (2 months ago)
did you physically make them yourself though x lol only jk
Davecat has twitter guys...
SammiPie1234567 (2 months ago)
Adalberto Vega (2 months ago)
New subscriber here
braindead (2 months ago)
Mate if you go on pornhub and search "sex doll" you are going to find some fuck up shit
Holly Sands (2 months ago)
whomst the fuck
Kathi (2 months ago)
At least...The dogs are safe
alie (2 months ago)
It's in my fucking brain now for fucks sake. End my fucking existence.
Hannah Nicole (2 months ago)
That was so painful to watch
Emma Turner (2 months ago)
iCytus (2 months ago)
well..i dont know, ive seen some of these dolls and thought.."hmm yeah id hit that"....i mean its not wierd when girls fck their 7 ft long fake ding dongs, so fcking a doll shouldnt be a big deal... now, giving it foot massages, falling in love with it, moving in, and starting a family with it, thats where id draw the line lol
Miyaa (2 months ago)
Please could you do 90 day fiance haha
Ella Starbrook (2 months ago)
Davecat looks like the first evil ex in Scott pilgrim vs the world
Ared Kestrel7 (2 months ago)
I’M SKINT...... also great video
Sailor Mermaid (2 months ago)
I feel SO bad for that doll...
Izana Crow (2 months ago)
“Stab in the dark” fuck me lmao😂😂😂
Dede-dylan Samuel (2 months ago)
He's just loyal to his sex dolls no I mean girls
Cba with a name yet (2 months ago)
I'm skint. I don't want your merch though I just like complaining about being skint.
Cba with a name yet (2 months ago)
I generally don't give a shit about people but I can feel his depression radiating out of the screen. I'm surprised he hasn't went for a dismantle suicide yet so they can be lifeless together forever.
hermione king (2 months ago)
Your amazing... you could cure my depression
Bowman Wright (2 months ago)
I just can’t, when he starting kissing her and “Welcome home sweetie” my eyes and mind feel violated.
Damien 12 (2 months ago)
Howya I'm a pure Irish man
kaysey jane (2 months ago)
the main thing I love about jaack is how he calls his own merch shit and doesn’t charge FIFTY FUCKING POUNDS
Coldplay Fan (2 months ago)
Why do you need a assortment of tongues
SusieLa1 (2 months ago)
It's good for women. Since I've started using the internet I can't read anything without seeing those men who are angry they can't trap a woman in an abusive relationship with no confidence, so think they can do that to women online. Although I think those men get off on trying to make real women feel bad
chartreuse isnt red (2 months ago)
*spill the tea*
Athanasios Toulios (2 months ago)
why did i miss this..it would have been a nice way to pass my bday :c
NorthernerThe (2 months ago)
It's like they act even creepier on camera.
NorthernerThe (2 months ago)
Watching this after the new podcast. And OMG I've never been happier.
mrfeen 123 (2 months ago)
Michael jackson is my favourite singer but good joke
vianjelos (3 months ago)
This is still less creepy than having sex with a car...at least its a humaniod figure and its made specifically for sex..the guy making out and rubbing on his car was far weirder.
Talia Cross (3 months ago)
Never fail to make me laugh in the first minute of your video 🤣🤣💘
ZyKiria H (3 months ago)
“Suddenly, fucking a car seems fine.. GIVE ME A VOLVO”
katie katie (3 months ago)
I cannot stop watching this loll
Amnesia Des. (3 months ago)
Because ..... MURICA !
Alana Banana (3 months ago)
He probably saw the movie mannequin and literally liked the look of mannequins. I actually have a phobia of mannequins, their dead eyes and creepy faces terrify me. Like dead sims.
DER_Synx (3 months ago)
Dark zero (3 months ago)
Oh? So can he have sex with Annabelle? Or Chucky's gf? You said you do it with dolls, try the most popular ones. Let me see you there.
Mady Felix (3 months ago)
Omg 😂
R.E.D Scorpion (3 months ago)
What the fuck is this god forsaken world is turning into, thats some disturbingly weirder shit
Brooke Dial (3 months ago)
As a Washingtonian omg 🤣😂🤣😂👌
Jess Richards (3 months ago)
My vagina just made the windows shutdown noise.
Tripletimes3 (3 months ago)
his girlfriends plastic and he is spastic
esto pesto (3 months ago)
I'm playing my black card here so you can't call me racist Is he black or white or what?
HaQeD Gaming (3 months ago)
Did this video make anyone else cry😂😂😂😂

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