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Good Friends Are Hard To Find And Even Harder To Replace

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Once again Wil is running me around for an early morning shift because the Repo Ninja hydraulic system is in need of some repairs. The sound has been obvious in the last few videos uploads of the strain on the cylinders when unfolding and folding the arm. These Dynamic self loaders are not cheap to work on and all the parts have to be ordered from back east. Next episode should be showing the repairs being done.
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Text Comments (181)
Karla Ahn (6 months ago)
Black screen with your voices. Totally inane and utterly boring.
Aamir Khan (7 months ago)
What engine is wil's truck? Is exhaust modified?
Alex09 (2 years ago)
You're very fortunate to have a great friend that has your back. I like how you try to keep things even..."We should've got another one for you"...mutual respect. That's the key!
James Feisley (2 years ago)
One of the few drawbacks of being retired is missing out on the collaboration on assignments such as illustrated in this video.
Rey Gaitan (2 years ago)
Awesome video!! Friends are hard to find!
ᖇᗩᑎ 1 (2 years ago)
wait, don't you drive a "sissy yellow" mustang?
Dustin Emerson (3 years ago)
omg the sound of the 7.3 will's truck sounds amazing
Nicholas Alvarez (3 years ago)
but ur buddy is lucky
Nicholas Alvarez (3 years ago)
Hey mat I didn't get a warning or brake for driving 70 in 55
JL Software (3 years ago)
So the situation is: you have the orders, and Wil has the truck, Wil needs the orders and you need the truck, so it's a win-win?
F Huber (3 years ago)
1:10 -1:45... Does that mean I should be driving  a go-cart?
Mandy D. (3 years ago)
A nice excuse to have fun with the quad copter is to get your practice in. My dad is a RC copter and Plane junkie. He flies them big and small. He brought the new quad copter over. I ended up dropped it into my neighbors yard, I had just moved in the night before. Wasn't fun introducing myself while trying to explain why essentially a camera with spinning blades was in their yard. They can be tricky, especially since you have no trees around to warn you of sudden winds out there.  Or understanding debtors who will give it back to you.
Clay Ullrich (3 years ago)
Is will ever gonna update that thing? I love the 7.3 but at least do a paint job or a new radio.
threephase23 (3 years ago)
Does Wil or anyone else you know record their repos and put them on you tube?
BigDish101 (4 years ago)
Ever consider getting a engine belt driven compressor? Could add some air horns while you're at it, lol. Or is the hydraulic pump already taking up any spare space?
jermainezey (4 years ago)
why is his truck so loud
DomManInT1 (4 years ago)
I would think you guys would want quieter exhaust systems.
Fletch Schubert (4 years ago)
Noticed that you switched to a low profile Ford superduty crewcab. Us truck guys and former wrecker drivers would like a video on your rig and gear. Now that you aren't running the single cab wrecker. What are your thoughts on waste vegetable oil?
RawEtherBinge (4 years ago)
That first repo in the garage is so illegal here in texas, and opening a gate on private property, yall dont care about the rules at all. I like your vids just not how you get repos done. You will NEVER catch me doing shit that way.
Lawrence Eich (4 years ago)
Looks expensive! Hahaha!
MineCrafteers (4 years ago)
I Live in tooele Does He :D?
CUBEoneVX (4 years ago)
Dude, get a night vision camera for these videos, i cant see anything.
timmylc (4 years ago)
The add on this video interferes with your video.              (from the right)
AltidKlar 420 (4 years ago)
What's up. Great videos. SUBBED A While now. But have never comeneted before. Keeping it Real. Best dam YouTube videoes out there.. And Just got to say it. Five Finger Death Punch FN ROCK... just de sided to check them out. After hearing it in you try Truck. Best regards to you and Stay Safe. We need you.. Sorry about the bad grammar. I am Norsman.And using a cursed 'smartphone'...
Gerberbaby922 (4 years ago)
Do you still accept donations? I have not seen the link posted in the description of recent videos.
trollfox PB (4 years ago)
love that cummins sound
Brandon Buchanan (4 years ago)
You need to stop filming at night we can't ever see anything. At least get a night vision camera
Nick w (4 years ago)
"sissy yellow aveo"  lol The 4 door looks similar to my 2007 Kia Rio which I had for 4 1/2 yrs.   Never had any problems with it and it got 36 MPG. I traded it for a new Prius C which gets closer to 50 MPG. $350 tire?  Didn't know such thing existed for a car. Isn't there insurance for that?  I would think that would be job related damage.
Jodurn TV (4 years ago)
I've seen some comments regarding the language used by Matt in some instances of his videos. First of all, this is "REAL" reality and not that scripted crap you see on Lizard Lick or Operation Repo or any of those other bullshit tv shows. Secondly, it's adult content that, if it had a rating, would probably be rated PG13 on some, G/PG on some and R rated on others. Thirdly, Matt's language is tame compared to what your children are hearing at school or in peer social groups when they are hanging out with friends. And I can only assume that since you have access to youtube then you have access to the internet which is full of bad language no matter where you look. My basic point is get over the language factor or don't and move on. We need more videos on youtube like the ones Matt provides. It's real world stuff no matter the context of the content and your children or you do not live in a tame society nor can you hide reality from children. If your offended, move on. I'm sure there is a disney channel somewhere on youtube but be sure to watch those videos too before you let your kids watch them because the words Damn, Hell and Piss are used frequently on disney too.
doubleq1223 (4 years ago)
Your friends truck does not sound like a Power-stroke. At least not a stock one.
Benjamin Parker (4 years ago)
+RepoNut I thought of you when I saw this video. Just in case the repo business doesn't work out lol. Thanks for the entertainment on my second screen while I am at work.   Boeing B747 Pushback with Towbarless Tractor
Dave S (4 years ago)
Aveos get a bad rap.  Used a hatch '05 hatchback Aveo as a company car for courier work, and even with lax (read:  no) preventative maintenance, it survived 265,000 hard miles before giving up the ghost.  Then they threw a cheap junkyard motor in to it and it ran another 88,000 miles before they deemed a $960 repair bill too much and junked it.  It was too bad, too, since it was an LT and "loaded" with power windows, door locks, cruise, air, & automatic.
Dave S (4 years ago)
1:42 - - - I laughed so hard I almost woke up the wife and the kid
0Joeyolo0 (4 years ago)
Somebody doxed you they even have your address and shit. http://pastebin.com/5LxeZ6Hx
jay (4 years ago)
+SebRodz. SebRodz old address :)
SebRodz. SebRodz (4 years ago)
how is it that you're the only one who saw this???
Victor Sanchez (4 years ago)
+RepoNut what's the deal with wills boom. Talk about ol skool buddy lol. If you get that quad copter that could be cool viewing. Hey BTW I have a question might be dumb or stupid but I just wanted to get your opinion since you been in the repo bizz for some time could I contact you via email or Facebook? Thanks buddy and keep up with that videos
1bigsample (4 years ago)
A big shout out to Wil. What a great guy. I appreciate you helping Matt out
DaddytechEnt (4 years ago)
there's probably a lot more than it looks like wrong with that BMW but it would still be worth the money to fix it still.  and yeah good friends are really hard to come by great friends are damn near impossible , my best friend and i have known each other since we were 13 and we're 45 now and i'm the same way ANYTHING he ever needs if there is any possible way i can do it i would. he jokes and calls me his brother but we've helped each other out in ways even most brothers never would. for an example i paid for his Cell phone for 12 years, never asked him for a penny for it either just because i knew it helped him out. 
King Satan (4 years ago)
Matt, i want to buy some rain eaters, how do i buy them through you?
JEB BY (4 years ago)
The FAA is finally giving a little flexibility to commercial use of UAVs.  It may be a while before you can legally operate fully autonomous in a densely populated area.  there have been a few incidents with idiots running these things that have had a major impact. Be careful of insurance implications as well.  Your business insurance will not cover damage caused by a UAV.  My profession is Aviation insurance, and can help you out should you ever need it. Prayers to Shanda!!
JAK PM (4 years ago)
That will buff out.
SusieSydney (4 years ago)
Gosh, Will's truck is so loud compared to yours.  They must hear him coming from miles away, can't sneak up to them like you do :) :)
trigga ville (4 years ago)
that 7.3 will wake the dead 
jay (4 years ago)
It's just sad that all the problems you have had with this new truck, the truck that was to make you life easier and be more reliable. Its good that you have a good friend with an older tried and tested truck to bail you out. Could you not just go back to using and older tried and tested cheaper set-up as a backup for when the new truck goes off the road. 
Madbiker31 (4 years ago)
I saw a tow truck today and think it had the exact same dolly covers, may have ordered them from you.
Tinder inc (4 years ago)
Tell me about it my best friend and neighbor of 15+ years died last year outta no where at the age of 24 and then his funeral was on my birthday
JimsEquipmentShed (4 years ago)
For the horn beeper, I'd have a swivel light ready, around 500w should do it. Point it right at them. Cockroaches are not fond of being in the light, it will kill their night vision, and expose them to anyone that wishes to have a chat with them for beeping the horn at 5:00am.... Win, Win...... 
Sarcastic Albino (4 years ago)
Chevy Aveo = Daewoo.. yuck :)
Pet Rock's Garage (4 years ago)
You ever get tagged by youtube for the music?
I wish I had a friend that I could count on like that, but I'm generally the one coming to the rescue.
James Trapp (4 years ago)
So funny, I was listening to that song to on the way home tonight! Lol
Marciaus007 (4 years ago)
Nice joke, Mat :D
James Trapp (4 years ago)
Big thanks for turning me on to five finger death punch dude. I've been rockin out to them all damn week. "Bad Company" sounds better then Bad Company's version. Lol great cruising tunes!
MrRodrod5 (4 years ago)
quite surprised you did not note the address of the car that hauled A and hid in the garage so you could check to see what cars might be registered there and then see if they are up for repo
jrodnanfelt (4 years ago)
That trucks like mine. Nothin but trouble. If u open my hood all u see is hundred dollar bills, I've been putting them in for years.
Masterism88 (4 years ago)
Good Music to finish a good video.
12DUDE20ONE (4 years ago)
Did he actually hit the front of the car or no?
tanis143 (4 years ago)
Matt, I've got an idea on the pump failure. Could it be that with the engine rebuild the engine is putting out more torque than before and the pump was already getting weak but finally started going out with the increased torque? Or did you find the cause after the pump was replaced?
SeanBZA (4 years ago)
Good friends will bring along a shovel and help you dig.
The builder Channel (4 years ago)
hey matt when watching your video you were saying jake uses what service? skip masters? you have a web site for them?    thanks
Michael Ciha (4 years ago)
That air camera stuff you're talking about sounds awesome.
valavu kapsugovic (4 years ago)
And most of the time it's not a stranger that screws you over it's a So Called friend. But a true friend you better hold on to.
Def1led (4 years ago)
not a fan of the night vids but a good watch nonetheless
Evan Dickens (4 years ago)
conspi racytheory (4 years ago)
Love your videos and the effort you put into them, really dislike all the cursing though!
brian debottari (4 years ago)
+conspi racytheory how did you get 67% of americans don't want to hear swearing?? even if your percentages are accurate with those who have sworn in public and those who wish they could stop, how does that magically give you the 67% who don't want to hear swear words?? you can't sit and tell someone how to live their life..  you can however live your life how you want..  and if you don't want to hear swear words and you don't want your kids to hear them you should be more careful with what you put on for the family to watch.
Miranda B (4 years ago)
Perhaps if your concerned about the language u should censor the video before allowing your family to watch this would save you having to explain it to your children cursing isn't always acceptiable. Cursing is part of everyday life, our children are gonna hear it one way or another the key is to tech them it is not always acceptable to use curse words while in public and there is a time and place for it. I enjoy seeing Matt be him self with his friends and letting loose a bit as I'm sure we all do occasionally if not regularly with company were comfortable with. Thank you for another video Matt Stay safe
John Wilburn (4 years ago)
BAHAHAHA!!!! Thanks, that made my day.
conspi racytheory (4 years ago)
+Rodney Bischoff Thanks I appreciate your support!
conspi racytheory (4 years ago)
John Wilburn: Who exactly is we? No I already knew you understood my points. They are the same points Matts' dad has and many others who have decency have. You have just been trying your hardest to upset me and get me to blow up at you and I won't. I will just continue to send positive thoughts your way and hope someday in the future you will learn respect for other human beings, because it takes little effort, this on the other hand take a lot of effort. Remember as a long time subscriber who was here to just watch another good video from a great repoman, who turns out not to have zero regards for his subs. And who also turns out to have friends of the same caliber, who like to gang up on good subs. Pretty sad.......  
mattcurry29 (4 years ago)
Wil is a true friend, also killer tunes at the end. Matt C.
Vic Reece (4 years ago)
Do you ever miss your white Dodge? If you know what you know now with the Ninja would you trade the Dodge for the Ninja?
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Vic Reece I'd still keep the F550 especially now that all the mods are completed. The lift works 18 hours a day so it's going to need regular maintenance. $1900 after making $60,000 is a fair trade off.
argentinadrivers (4 years ago)
Dropping from 12 mpg to 10 mpg is worrying. Are you getting that much extra performance? I was assuming the minimax hd would give you better performance without the loss in mpg.
gracej79 (4 years ago)
Keep in mind that the novelty of the extra power means he's probably been giving it the boot more than he has in the past.
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+argentinadrivers Getting a ton more performance for the 2 MPG. I've been leaving it on stock while rolling empty down the hwy and it seems to have gone up to 15 MPG.
Killa Killa (4 years ago)
Hahaha GOT EM!@14:45 I knew something like that you would say something about it !
Rollo Tomasi (4 years ago)
Your job is ending . . . as all cars now are with computers that can shut off.   Preying on people with bad credit will sustain you for a while.   Now you will concentrate on rental cars . . .
MrRodrod5 (4 years ago)
someone still has to pick up the cars just because it is shut off from use does not mean people are just going to turn it in.....especially when they can no longer drive it.....also people like Matt with real skills VS the ability to operate a tow truck will still be in demand to find the cars that people disable the lock out device on, remove the battery and GPS from and otherwise try and hide or part out......houses (with the exception of mobile homes) do not move from place to place and yet there is still a huge industry of people that work for and with banks to get a home back when people default on the note
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Carlo Zap I'll leave that to the next generation to worry about. I'm moving on to teaching this stuff and not doing it anymore. I get to play with all the new tech toys coming out and will be the engineer of the next set of tools to get around all the computers...
Bob Smith (4 years ago)
Maybe your fuel consumption numbers would look better if your engine was not idling so much. Idling adds to the wear-out and uses fuel while the vehicle is not moving.
gracej79 (4 years ago)
+RepoNut  How long do you need to power the electronics with the engine off?  Would a DC UPS be OK (Much simpler and cheaper than an APU genset)?  Perhaps add a deep-cycle battery and your existing invertor would be sufficient?   (Or better yet, get DC-DC power supplies for your electronics and run directly off the 2nd battery, much more efficient than battery -> inverter -> Laptop PSU -> laptop battery).  If the 2nd battery is too low, don't turn the engine off.
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Bob Smith We run a ton of electronics in the cab and need to keep it all running. I've contemplated a generator that could kick on when the truck shuts off and the computer and other items are still active. I shut this truck down a lot more than I did the F250.
Bob Smith (4 years ago)
I am retired now, but I was a mechanic for a company where  they ran 1300 plus Diesel vehicles every day. We had Cummins, Series 50 and 60 or so Silver 92Detroits and a few Mercedes. The common way to shut a Diesel engine down is to cut the fuel supply. A Diesel uses very little fuel to idle. If an engine is running it is wearing out.  Some Diesel engine tend to build up lots of carbon when they idle, other designs still build carbon, but much less. I drive Cummins and I see no reason to let it idle unless I need to keep the battery charged or run lots of accessories.
WARREN ELLIS (4 years ago)
+Scott Calkins not being sarcastic or argumentative here, but idling a diesel doesnt consume fuel?
Scott Calkins (4 years ago)
For gas cars yes, but not on diesel.
thinkpad411 (4 years ago)
Lol @ idiot neighbours thinking that they're being nice by doing that. That's just being ignorant, go fuck yourself.
Bloodz (4 years ago)
What year and model is that BMW? anyone know?
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Bloodz 2004 745i
andrewkiwi1 (4 years ago)
Three cheers for Will for being a good and reliable friend for you. :o)
Seegal Galguntijak (4 years ago)
Holy shit, 10mpg, that's almost 24L/100km. This is a fuel consumption worthy of a 18-ton truck...
+cjwolfer Still with a much newer Diesel engine you would think he would get a little better than that. A 460 is just built to eat a crapton of gas but are great starting points for a fun towing rig or racing vehicle.
Hunter Green (4 years ago)
+Seegal Galguntijak Yeah, 40 tons is the max here i think. 
Seegal Galguntijak (4 years ago)
+Hunter Green I said 18-ton-truck. An 18-wheeler would probably haul a bit more, like 40 tons or so? Also, I am used to European fuel consumtion, which seems to be way less. Actually, 10mpg is around 24L/100km, and a travel bus for 50 people that weighs about 20 tons will use around 25-30L/100km.
ThatGuyB3rt (4 years ago)
+Hunter Green Oh shit, My mistake. Sorry bout that.
Hunter Green (4 years ago)
I was replying to OP.
Alexander Lamping (4 years ago)
Good upload man, keep up the good work. Hopefully the ninja is in full swing soon! Not too big a fan of the night time videos but it's better than nothing! Any possibilities out there for better night vision cameras?
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Alexander Lamping Working on it...
brians48now (4 years ago)
I don't think night-vision cameras would work out very well.  There's always some light around and that will wash out the night-vision quite badly. 
Will is awesome. I love watching you guys work together
Shelley Gaudreau (4 years ago)
Hope you get the Ninja fixed soon Matt.
Matthew Poole (4 years ago)
this was more of the hilarious videos. Matt do you listen to disturbed, device or sevendust?? Device especially only one album but its a combination of people from different bands. Another if you havent already got is spotify. 10 bucks a month and its unlimited EVERYTHING its absolutely amazing! 
Matthew Poole (4 years ago)
+TheZwerfer14 No such thing as for the pc only at least i dont think. Only band i could not find on spotify was tool but oh my god they dont even exist as digital music on amazon or google play or anything its all hard copy. 
10 bucks for phone and pc right?  5 for pc only... Its a fucking insane program I have never not found a song on there.
Fishy (4 years ago)
Was the first repo's garage open?   How did you open it?   I missed something!
Lee Hill (3 years ago)
The door was open..sure was..(wink). He was just being a good samaritan and closed it for them after he was done.
gsaulsbury750 (4 years ago)
+RepoNut if the man door was open and the garage door closed would it be legal for you to open the garage since you didn't actually break in
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+FishyCanada When I walked up the door was up so I called Wil and he came in from around the corner. I did not have the camera on my head initially so I had to get it out of the truck and then had him back down the street and start over. Not always as perfect as I'd like it to be but it gets the job done.
jason knight (4 years ago)
You sure said the truth about the friend and it's good to have that one friend I know what you mean
8866000 (4 years ago)
The same problem happened to my dynamic 701... the pump was going out and I had to rev the motor to make it fold and unfold and also to make it go up and down... costed about $800 to fix
memyselfand ifarmer (4 years ago)
yeuz need mega lights when you all hook them to see for afew seconds, mega lights.,
Cal M (4 years ago)
The corded lights look WAY brighter than your wireless ones though.
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Cal M More LEDS...
IWS15 (4 years ago)
Hey reponut! Big fan of your videos, and ive seen quite a few of them. Just wanted to say how good this one was too. And Wils truck sounds awesome. I'm not a big fan of fords, but his is pretty sweet, although not the best for being sneaky...
Jeff Darnell (4 years ago)
I love watching your videos and a very special plus to hear 5FDP while watching. 2 greats in one.
John Turk (4 years ago)
Great video
Amanda Fischer (4 years ago)
Hey Matt can you share your link for buying wiper blades?
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+afisch636 Any traffic that comes from this channel is automatically flagged as sponsorship from me and they have been good about sending a commission check each month. Just use www.raineater.com and we get credit for the sale.
P S (4 years ago)
Enjoy watching your videos but some of the night ones are hard to see. Keep up the great work be safe and much luck to the family
steazye (4 years ago)
Damn Will's truck sounds great. 
wrangler Dave (4 years ago)
kool video  have you seen the new rotating flat bed offered by dynamic. and woul you ever use 1 if you could afford it for repo work?
WARREN ELLIS (4 years ago)
i dont care what anybody says, you are the first comment!
Noah Radel (4 years ago)
This quad copter sounds cool. But how much does it cost? Priorities..?
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Bill Riccio According to what I saw the garage was open when the repo was executed and a separate pedestrian door has nothing to do with whether the door was open or not. I actually walked in and out of the garage three times before we even started the repo to verify it was our car so not sure why any of that would matter in post editing.
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Noah Radel I can repo in any state that does not require a state specific license to be a recovery agent except for CA which I am licensed in as well as Nevada.
Seegal Galguntijak (4 years ago)
+RepoNut Considering what John Perkin wrote in the other comment, about liabilities and the software for those drones needing to become more intelligent (avoiding obstacles in the air while keeping the camera focus on one moving location), I think it will be a thing of the future, not so much for now. Especially since it is such a huge investment, it would suck to spend that kind of money and then not getting out of it what you had hoped for!
Bill Riccio (4 years ago)
+Noah Radel we all know the garage wasn't open, their was a regular door to the garage, thats why he closed the garage door,   i had to rewind to see why it was open...editing, you gotta do what you gotta do!
Noah Radel (4 years ago)
Good for you man. Just finished watching the video. Crazy that garage door was open eh?;) lol. Keep up the videos brother. Really go enjoy them. Are you only licensed to reposess in the state of Utah? How does that work?
wantsanewvehicle (4 years ago)
That drone seems cool, and I think it would work well for what you will be using it for. From what I can tell though, there is no 'actual' way to fly it? I don't like that, the only reason I would buy a drone is to be able to manually fly it. I don't want or have any need for it to be on me. One thing though... how the hell does it know where tree branches and/or buildings are at? The promo vid I saw was all in open places. Edit: I see now that you can make a no fly zone, and it doesn't necessarily have to 'follow' you..  The only thing I would be interested in using this drone for is to follow my car.. it says it can follow up to mph lol. Hopefully you give us a little test of that if you get this one!
wantsanewvehicle (4 years ago)
+RepoNut Ah okay sounds good! Are ya getting one.. what's the percentage? ;) I hope you do!
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+wantsanewvehicle They give the model number of the radio you can buy and how to take it out of follow mode and put it into free flight mode.
wantsanewvehicle (4 years ago)
+RepoNut Cool, how though? It says the app is only to adjust things like how high it will fly to follow you and such?
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+wantsanewvehicle I've researched it and it can be flown just like a regular drone.
Cappy Ironside (4 years ago)
lol dont mean too be mean lol see thats why the ninja is wireless looked like u wanted to either rip them out or toss them back on the deck lol 
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Cappy Ironside Both...
tbmproductionsdj1 (4 years ago)
I bought a set of the wiper blades. It has been raining here in Chicago. I will tell you they work like magic. I'm going to get a pair for my F 350 before the snow hits. If they work half as good as they in the rain, I will have a lot less headaches trying to keep the snow off my windshield. I would highly recommend these wiper blades to anyone.
James Hedley (4 years ago)
+RepoNut do they sell them in australia
tbmproductionsdj1 (4 years ago)
+RepoNut Thank you for selling this!  You are right about how well they work.  My wife drives my chevy 2500 dmax.  That is the truck with them.  She love how they don't smear the glass. They are a bit more that going to the parts store, But it is worth every penny. They ship fast too.
ejinhell84 (4 years ago)
+RepoNut Yep, just got my set last week and after some days with rain as a drizzle all the way up to a downpour, I have to say they are by far the best wiper blades I have ever used.
Rotoziptheman (4 years ago)
+RepoNut I bought a set a while ago and they are simply amazing. That is the best to describe them.
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+tbmproductionsdj1 See I'm telling ya they are not just a wiper blade. They really work well. It's like having someone on the hood of your vehicle during a rain storm with a towel and blow dryer... LOL
Brian Sherman (4 years ago)
That's very true Matt!
Colin Sevier (4 years ago)
Do not trust the dji phantom vision plus. It's a piece of shit and very expensive when it crashes and it will. I've played that game already. Dji is the worst company for technical support also. Go with the Blade.
Colin Sevier (4 years ago)
Well if these government get their way none of us will be able to fly anything. Everybody is all worried about the drone and the privacy and all the BS that goes along with it, its ridiculous
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+Colin Sevier I'm glad I've sat back and been patient to see what the market comes up with.
Ivan Shires (4 years ago)
Hey, thanks for the upload, I know you've been busy. Thanks for making time to produce videos for us. Quick question, on average how many hours per day are you in your truck driving around whether it be checking addresses or performing a repossession?
Jeff Darnell (4 years ago)
+The New York Critic Not to mention he runs the business  besides also being the grunt. Any one owning a business and operating a business generally works most hours out of the 24 hour day.
The New York Critic (4 years ago)
I've pulled 17 hour days before. I'm sure he's done the same.
matts Last (4 years ago)
matts Last (4 years ago)
If you had to choose a different line of work what would it be???
RepoNut (4 years ago)
+matts Last Many times
Colin Sevier (4 years ago)
Damn. Second..
Colin Sevier (4 years ago)

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