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Why Chinese Students Find it Hard to Make Friends on US Campuses?

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It's hard to make friends for Chinese students in America. You don't get to see Chinese students hang out with American friends very often. In this video, they give you what the reasons are.
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Text Comments (7)
민규 (5 months ago)
Cause America is full of racist Asian can't make friends
Phet (5 months ago)
Hahahaha, some of them I think
Martell Tha Cool (5 months ago)
I got no friends and I live in America
Martell Tha Cool (5 months ago)
+Phet it'd be incredibly wonderful if I had those type of people who are interested of being a friend to me and sincerely appreciated me for me, good man. I live alone, have no brothers and sisters then my parents passed away many years ago. I struggled to fit in and try to meet people. To make a long story short; I ended up getting taken advantage, disrespected and turned their backs on me. Sorry to sound pessimistic on my end
Phet (5 months ago)
You're welcome. I believe that you aren't alone. There're a lot of people that eating to see you and to know more about you.
Martell Tha Cool (5 months ago)
+Phet I admit it's difficult for me as I suffer with social anxiety disorder and stuttering to be honest with you. I wonder if they're club members in my town. Thanks for making this video
Phet (5 months ago)
I feel you. Try to go out and talk to people, be the club member if you are in the school. That helps a lot.

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