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Do THIS When You Meet Her Parents

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Text Comments (319)
Thos Eaglestone (1 month ago)
In zebra culture, the male suitor has to beat up the girl zebra's dad before they can procreate. Be like the zebra, kick his ass, and fuck your little zebra girlfriend!
jeromevee kingsly (2 months ago)
Fort2312 HYPE ZONE (4 months ago)
why is he smarter than my therapist?
Alessandro Salerno (5 months ago)
Quick Story about my GF dad. Invited to dinner. Regular conversation. 2nd dish he stops and starts saying. "You're welcome but there are 3things i hate. First, Drugs. Second, Booze. Third: Guys beating Women, cause as well i kill the pork on january, i Will kill U. Aaaah the italian way...now we great friends and im gonna marry his daughter on December. LOL
Jorge salas (6 months ago)
I'd take a good swig of whiskey right before
Nicholas Armstrong (6 months ago)
I wonder what your zodiac sign is, just out of curiosity
mar jn (6 months ago)
If you have good intentions it will shine. Just be respectful.
andu1208 (7 months ago)
Fast forwards some years and his daughter's bfs will look over elliott's vids and know how to do it.Great job, keep it up! :)
Keith Melton (7 months ago)
Dude you look like a hodge twin, no shit
Lazorback 2020 (7 months ago)
Holy shit my names Thomas I'm meeting the parents and she's super religious... Kinda neat 😂
doktormorris (1 year ago)
Walk in, stand in front of them, do some bioenergetic exercises (the bow). Here comes the most important part: look the fsther in the eyes, and while still keeping eye contact you let out a belly roar that would scare the devil himself
Zero Rocks (1 year ago)
“What you are -who you are- speaks so loudly, we can’t even hear a word you’re saying.” Holy shit. That’s one of the most poetic fucking things I’ve heard in a while.
Darryl Wayne (1 year ago)
What if I’m an insecure shy awkward little fuck
Barnaclebill310 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the advice brother. I thought I can only be myself and be truthful & honest. That’s how I won her.
Nigel Tan (1 year ago)
this guy is so fucking wise lol
Big Dad Dish (1 year ago)
so pepper farts are the cure
Ethan Bearley (1 year ago)
Virgin at 21 that’s sad bud I’d hate it if my girl saves herself
Jino Jiwan (1 year ago)
what if she's not exactly my girl yet, and she wants me to come over to her house?
GunFreakGaming (1 year ago)
Im14 but my girlfriend said her dad wants to FaceTime me tonight so I can “prove myself”
casey kuloloia (1 year ago)
What a weird father bro that sucks
dyll per (1 year ago)
Why not just meet in person lmao
Donari (1 year ago)
I wonder how they are doing
joko9086 (1 year ago)
Well Ima play my card, I'm a 6'5 red head marine that shoots and hunts, and as a part time job I repair, fix, build and ride custom motorcycles and I'm going to be meeting my girlfriends vegan, animal activist parents who are against the military for the first time since our 8 month relationship, oh and I'm this girls first boyfriend soooo..... any tips ??
Luzian Leser (17 days ago)
Probably killed by their tofu
CennedyS (3 months ago)
don't leave us hanging bro, tell the story
GUTENTAG (6 months ago)
joko9086 how did it go man?
Mike Drav (10 months ago)
I am very very intrigued to hear what went down
Job (1 year ago)
joko9086 like someone else said in the comments, seduce the mother... Destroy the father... And choke the dog. In all seriousness, how was it meeting her parents?:')
MrQuordis (1 year ago)
5:33 She told me that her father lost his leg in an accident, I'll bring him a new one
Nator xD (1 year ago)
Grab her by the pussy!
David Hammond (1 year ago)
I love Elliot man ❤️
Michael Do (2 years ago)
good stuff
Aleksey Konovalik (2 years ago)
yeah, delivers lulz.
philly 1971 (2 years ago)
Lol, just be a respectable man; however demand respect. Respect one's household, but don't be a frail mouse. Stand Up straight, look them in the eye, answer questions, but ask them back. Engage them in adult conversation. And when the smoke clears:Dont give a fuck, just a good human being. If they don't like you, it's their problem.
Hartmans (2 years ago)
I went to meet the parents the dad took me out side made me do push-ups and cut wood
Pokémon Braxton (21 days ago)
Richard Candia (1 year ago)
100,000 Subs with out one Video u serious?
tetsuo III (2 years ago)
Damn that was good!!!!
Matthew (2 years ago)
why is it that this guy always give the best advice?
Maximize your Game (2 years ago)
Why is this guy so good at giving advice
Strengthletics (2 years ago)
Maximize your Game he thinks a lot
Strengthletics (2 years ago)
Maximize your Game he thinks a lot
rex cadiente (2 years ago)
"Do not get caught up on WHAT to do , focus on WHO you are. Because WHAT you are .. WHO you are speaks so loudly we can hear your word saying" THANKS BRO
baldy hardnut (2 years ago)
Dont seek his approval. You dont need approval from anyone. Just show who you really are.
Jacquez Douglas (1 month ago)
+Junior 2 marry her, you don't need approval from her *PARENTS TF*
Junior (6 months ago)
seek his approval if you plan to wife her up, no other way around it.
john parkin (11 months ago)
baldy hardnut yes u do if u wanna get married and your not a dirtbag
Peter-Simon Ejike (2 years ago)
so sir, i'm the one that's been planning to marry your daughter all these while daughter: yes dad, he is the one dad: I don't see anyone, where is he. daughter: he's right here by my side dad dad: I think something in my eyes. There is a mad man by your side.
kongdovad (2 years ago)
Gianfranco W (2 years ago)
Question: I've lost too many battles and left too many things incompleted in my life. I lost time.. so who I am? Should I imagine a better me or just focus on my best sides when I am in front of these people?
Jashan721 (2 years ago)
+Grapenator X I see that BroScience reference lool
ABHIS (2 years ago)
You'll never be as awesome as you want to be, but it doesn't mean you should hide who you are now! You'll never be as big as your pump, it doesn't mean you should stop lifting.
Gianfranco W (2 years ago)
+Jashan721 thanks my friend.. if more people would share their awesome inspiration with strangers, this world would be a better place.
Jashan721 (2 years ago)
+Gianfranco T For sure. If you want to have any kind of impression on anyone else, you first have to be a stronger version of yourself. Definitely start your journey on becoming the strongest version of yourself as soon as possible and when you have developed enough confidence and you feel that you're in a strong position to go for it, then go for it. However be aware that becoming the strongest version of yourself should be your main focus as you're not doing it to impress anyone else; You're doing it for yourself. All the rewards, recognition, or popularity you receive on your road to success are just a byproduct of what you chose to do, so keep growing stronger my friend. Good luck to you.
Gianfranco W (2 years ago)
he says things like "let em (her parents) know who you really are!!" so here's my question.. I don't like who I am in this moment and what I did so far.. maybe I should just restart and rebuilt my confidence by reaching my goals in my university career.
GAMING ADDICT (2 years ago)
I agree so much with the part of clearing your mind. One day i was working on something and I couldn't remember the last name of someone, I really needed the last name of that guy and I spent an hour trying to remember and i failed. After 2 days while I was doing my daily meditation, out the blue that guys last name came into my mind like lightning and I wasn't even thinking about that situation at all. The brain is weird, lol.
mcpitbull92 (2 years ago)
Its always scary meeting your partner parents for the first time no doubt!!
Not Important (2 years ago)
no... it's funny and amusing
Fermín García (2 years ago)
- "Very religious hipanic family" - Run forest, run
duckncover182 (18 days ago)
Fermín García why do you say this? I’m about to do the same thing w a Christian, non catholic family. But the dad is a bit of a hippy too so I don’t think it’s an issue.
Blue Chucks (2 years ago)
LIFE POV (2 years ago)
funniest shit I read all day.
Hrach Etmzn (3 years ago)
I'm so grateful for you Eliot
Christian B. (3 years ago)
"It doesn't matter what you do, it's who you are," -Elliott Hulse. This is the honest truth. Too often in this busy world we become in the habit of focusing on what we can do. If we focus on who we can be, then we will naturally acquire the correct result for our circumstance. With less anxiety and more calmness we can be ourselves. No need to worry about what some guy thinks. Just be yourself dude because that's the best you can be. No need to worry about what to do.
Mike Drav (10 months ago)
Strong wisdom man, thank you.
Christian B. (2 years ago)
+wizINFINITE it's been a long time since I posted that, but to reiterate...I believe I was trying to say we should focus on our attitude that precedes an action rather than the action itself.  If your head and heart are in the right place, then how are you going to do something that defines you as something you're not?  This is just BEing yourself and letting that emanate from you rather than focusing on doing things that would be characteristic of something you are not.
Laura Diamond (3 years ago)
Elliott, You're pretty awesome and I'm glad there is someone like you giving advice to the next generation.
Matt de Oliveira (3 years ago)
Outcome independence is the name of the first point.
Mark Faynboym (3 years ago)
+Elliot Hulse at 3:18 did you refer to Earl Shoaff's The Millionaire Maker?
Tony Boyle (3 years ago)
The father is looking for an individual, and he is so afraid that you will be just another clone.  Talk about things that matter, AND KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!  Be an expert in something, and be ready to defend your position on your side of the argument.  Show good sense, and good judgement, and smile at his daughter a lot.
Kent L (3 years ago)
Turn it around. What should her parents do to impress you, so that you'll stay with their daughter?
SmileyTube (2 months ago)
Lmfao real tlk
Fort2312 HYPE ZONE (4 months ago)
Kent L they have to breathe into their balls at least
Erica Anderson (5 months ago)
Peter Sparta (1 year ago)
Kent L bro be very careful with that type of mentality because that shit can go wrong and if it does that’s it
dont ask (1 year ago)
Damn, now that's the mindset we all ought to have.
Joel Charron (3 years ago)
5:54 It Pops up!
Connor Johnston (3 years ago)
good shit.
02Nawal (4 years ago)
You're so sexy and hot and cute come meet my father lol
Orlando Flores (4 years ago)
How to talk to her parents if they are mad at me for doing something very bad Otho she loves me but they hate me
Tony Boyle (3 years ago)
+Orlando Flores Change your after-shave, or re-introduce yourself to a razor, or soap and water, OR trade in your 20 year old rust bucket for a decent car. There must be a reason they dislike you.  Work on it.
fv m (4 years ago)
Do you a bioenergetics wwarm out routine infront of him before shaking his hand. The one that starts with your walking on the spot shaking your arms and rolling your eyes back to which then ends in you jumping up and down yelling. 
Andre Leverette Jr (4 years ago)
OMJ he's a hodge twin
Hayden Bingham (4 years ago)
Thanks a ton stress really gets the best of us elliott
cwxzeng (4 years ago)
impress her parents by telling them about breathing through the balls
sprocaster (1 year ago)
Nick Belanger lmaoo
Nick Belanger (1 year ago)
Bestow the gift of bioenergetic catharasys as soon as you walk through the door
Joe Romeo (4 years ago)
"Set your intentions..the details will work themselves out"   great advice!
khalid jabarkhail (4 years ago)
Throw your wallet by accident and make sure theres a lot of money in it.. The father sees it and the girl is yours! ;)
Mojo Jojo (4 years ago)
How do I send elliot a message ?
Vishal Barot (4 years ago)
LOl when he descried about her father's possible situation and he show up in the beginning.. XD
Jason McFarland (4 years ago)
Thanks Elliott. Some things you repeat over and over in your videos but the reminder is always so helpful.
Brian Goughnour (4 years ago)
Totally understand why all these creative ideas come to me before bed. Thank you. Now to set a side time to meditate during the day so I dont lose sleep due to my unconscious creativity. =)
Project Attraction (4 years ago)
Being in the present when interacting with someone makes the interaction creative and almost artistic in a way because you don't know what's subject is going to naturally pop up and be explored in the moment.
Ciprian Ionut (4 years ago)
You know what, dude? I am getting sick and tired from all of these inepts asking others to think and act for themselves. Then there is no difference than being a corporatist robot executing each order. More than once I wanted to leave a message, though I considered the best course of action to struggle alone with my own difficulties and even though it may be more struggling than figuring out a quicker course of action it is far better because it is I who is in charge of solving it. Everyone is different, acts and reacts differently therefore one thing that goes for one person most definitely is not going to work for another. People, dudes and dudettes, take fucking responsibility for your own lives and stop throwing guilt on others! Accept failures and learn from them, it is the only way that life is going to get better, not being served help on a silver platter each time difficulty arises. Life is beautiful the way it is, without comparing it to others'! Everyone's life is!
murkins31 (4 years ago)
or more gansta ... seduce mother,destroy father... she will bang you the same day
NATURALTALENT (4 years ago)
Does this work with jews parents?
stewie roids (4 years ago)
Eliot make a video of you eating sausage and peppers
DDlocsPhilly (4 years ago)
Excellent! - from an OG
Eric Mata (4 years ago)
Our real value is in being ourselves.
Elliott FAKE ASS NIGGA (4 years ago)
Elliot doesn't know shit on this topic. The boy never even met his parents! How could he possibly give advice to the rest of us?
wakesake (4 years ago)
what a sissy.. fucking "men" today , the ONLY thing that is important is how they feel for each other 
Michal Trzos (4 years ago)
"A lot of magnificent shit is gonna pop up into your head if you clean it." - If this does not motivate people to start meditating, I don't know what will.
waterdrinker9 (4 years ago)
I used to secretly wish that her dad was dead so I wouldn't have to meet him haha.
gunterstunter (4 years ago)
One of my favorite videos of yours man! Cheers for making them.
The Asgardian (4 years ago)
Glad i've got the time again to watch Elliott, I love you bro (no homo)
Ezio Wayne (4 years ago)
How do I contact u to ask u a question like this? Email?
ANYK (4 years ago)
No Shufflebottom comment yet?!...shocked!
chingu69 (4 years ago)
The philosophy for impressing parents is pretty much the same as impressing a group of your friend's friends you just met. Don't fake a persona or try to do too much(for example, don't just say things that you think other people like to hear because most of the time when you're in a group, at least one person is probably more socially savvy than you are and he's going to know that you're being a faker, and once you lose one person in a group, you basically lose the entire group).
LordF (4 years ago)
Love her parets inconditionally knowing that they are now close to you through her. Trying to impress is not a healthy outlook. Rather, take care of them patiently how you may have to do in 30 years when they have alzhaimer's. Realize how anxious they may be to impress you!
RyuHanamichi (4 years ago)
Seduce the mother... destroy the father... choke the dog!
Fort2312 HYPE ZONE (4 months ago)
RyuHanamichi not the dog!
Ohkwari Tatu (4 years ago)
Where do I ask a question? I have something that's eating away at me.
mo7ammed989 (4 years ago)
Dear Eliot hulse At what fat % should I bulk up I'm 10 %
Youssef Rochdi (4 years ago)
Damen ! You should just keep building muscle , 10 % is too much BF to start bulking from. Good luck 
Makeveli The Don (4 years ago)
Fuck the fat jus bulk
Dustin 1996 (4 years ago)
Elliott is tuned in for sure
fatima zahra berno (4 years ago)
how to send a message to eliot 
Edgaras Staniulis (4 years ago)
you are so inspiring, Elliot!
Joseph (4 years ago)
Good video. No over thinking got it 
Brian R (4 years ago)
Not a fan of the click-bait titles....gotta do what you gotta do I guess.
The chosen one (3 years ago)
How is it ambiguous? What were you expecting from the video?
Brian R (3 years ago)
+Shane Clickbait doesn't need to be misleading. Only needs to be intentionally ambiguous to try to get you to click.
The chosen one (3 years ago)
Yes i'm sure everyone knows what click bait is, the question mark was referring to the fact that the title fits the video and there are no misleading thumbnails of any sorts...
Brian R (3 years ago)
+Shane google the definition of clickbait if you're confused
The chosen one (3 years ago)
Novembre Pleut (4 years ago)
Super quick tip here but make sure the daughter is standing next to you when you are introduced to him. Also try and get her to smile and hold you because then he will start associating you with his daughter's happiness. Be as natural as possible and let her do most of the talking without really giving too much of yourself away. Try to not let him see you but see you through his daughter's eyes, that is the most important thing. Ultimately all he wants to know is that you are treating her well so she needs to make sure he knows you are a positive impact on her life BUT you can't do the sell yourself, it's all gotta come through her.
Joshua Reed (4 years ago)
how do you ask elliott a question?
Birda91 (4 years ago)
as soon as u walk in make sure to grab her moms ass ... you know just to show who is the boss... no srsly dude fuck that bitch before going serious , you will probly be left dissapointed
Romano (4 years ago)
3:33 You're giving him 'permission' to be authentic? Looks like someone's so far up his own behind that he has no idea what he's saying.
Daniel Rankin (4 years ago)
Whats Tim Shufflebottom's opinion on this video?
Novembre Pleut (4 years ago)
he wrote the note, he's secretly casper
Nikola Djordjevic (4 years ago)
Welp, I aint wearing colone anymore...tnx Eliot
Gor Nersisyan (4 years ago)
That virgin shit is a trap
Dan Koz (4 years ago)
when you meet the parents, for the father ive been told its polite to bring over a really nice bottle of alcohol, like brandy, for the mom its chocolates but mainly flowers
Gilles Mahia (4 years ago)
Yeah dude
M PB (4 years ago)
I have to disagree with Eliot on this one I say when u meet his strict religious father u have to show dominance. Don't talk let him approach u. Then u drop ur wallet and let the TROJAN MAGNUM condoms fall out look at him straigh in the eye and say mmmmm yeaaaa then if his daughter is there smile at her look back at him and say mmmm
Yousef Sobhani (1 year ago)
M PB I agree 100% but what if they're not religious? 🤔
JustinFPS (2 years ago)
Never laughed so much when reading YouTube comments 😂👏👏👏
rocket141 (4 years ago)
Don't let the father see you sweat. They can sense fear!
Meta Wonders (4 years ago)
you have helped me so much elliot, I cant thank you enough
Alan Freeman (4 years ago)
Tell him to just pray about it before meeting her dad, everything will be fine... 
BuckeyeBoyz Grewell (4 years ago)
Great advice!
Sion Davies (4 years ago)
If she's a daddy's girl and the dad doesn't like you.... you're right fucked up. 
rajeev anj (4 years ago)
everyone must watch this!!
imthetank3 (4 years ago)
Give off the perfect first impression by saying this to the father "Hello sir, im the guy that has been going balls deep in your daughters sugarwalls, leaving nothing but my nuts hanging out". 

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