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Real Talk Rant (Do find it hard to make female friends?) Warning this is a Rant Vol 2

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Do you find it harder to make female friends? if so why is that ? -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "HUDA #FauxFilter Foundation Review / First Impressions " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5IfoLqNBvU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Natalia Pola (3 months ago)
It seems as I am misunderstood. My whole life, I can never make female friends.
June Jara -.- (11 months ago)
I beat myself up for this a lot. I feel like something is wrong with me and i obsessive about this too much i make good girl friends and then after a month boom they don't want to talk to me anymore. I think its cause I'm a very anxious person and come off fake but only cause i don't want them to know that I'm anxious about everything! Ugh whatever :b
Katisha Dogisha (1 year ago)
so true. the last 2 female best friends i had turned out to be fake and jealous. i always wanted that group of close sisterly friendships, in hs amd jhs i had a group of female friends but we werent close just cool then in college id have some who wed study together even talked in class but omce semester ended that was it, and we never hung out aside from school. I'm actually very friendly but most ppl think im either mean or really shy im.neither its maybe just my face but i always look like this. when i try to get to know Girls they're not mean just exclusive and nicely brush me off and only talk to the girl they already chosen to be friends with. im tired of trying at this point itd be nice to have a female best friend but i no longer care
Im from Venus (1 year ago)
Yes, I find it hard to make female friends. People don't like me for some reason...when I am friendly or when I am unfriendly, I get the same results. People judge me without getting to know me and that is their problem.
Di Xu (1 year ago)
Late to the party... but I find it really hard to make female friends is for some reason I feel that I can never be myself around them. I worry that I will offend them, that my comments will hurt them somehow, etc. I feel that when I say weird things around guys most of them just shrug it off or find it funny, but when I try to do the same things around girls I can almost feel them being put off by it and closing up. I'm still in school and have been in engineering since high school, so maybe I just haven't had a big enough female sample size :/ But I totally get where you are coming from and I'm still trying to figure out why.
Candypie 2010 (1 year ago)
Jersey the worst place to socialize with people they just two faced in there own world and back stabbers
TrendyCurlz (1 year ago)
I agree I'm in jersey
Linzi Ramnasibsingh (2 years ago)
In some cases women are open to having female friends but are burnt so much that they just stop trying and give up
svntrs (2 years ago)
wow you hit it. I struggle with this all the time. Also kids, yea -My church's youth pastor said they can't just go around to parks to invite kids to youth camp b/c they just aren't outside anymore. You have to text them. Life is so strange. Anyway, this is why I wanted to watch your video b/c I've noticed probably since high school I have done MUCH better with being friends with men than women. Now that I'm married I don't feel comfortable being around men in a close friendship like that but now I've been married 10 years and I just don't have friends. I have a lot of associates and people I know, but I keep guys at a distance (I don't trust myself) and women --it just doesn't work. They want to talk about kids and nail polish and the weather (the women around me, not all women). I just want to talk about movies, books, geekdom and entrepreneurial ideas. I'm hoping to one day find someone outside of my husband to be friends with - however I'm very thankful that at least I have him.
TrendyCurlz (2 years ago)
+servantrose I found that I have been able to cultivate some female friendships after recording this video, but it's not many. I stay open to the idea and try to embrace those that embrace me. But it is not easy
Trina Biscoe (2 years ago)
I'm in Philly. I go through the same thing.
Trina Biscoe (2 years ago)
I know plenty of Nikki's .
TrendyCurlz (2 years ago)
+Trina Biscoe here name was Nikki
Trina Biscoe (2 years ago)
That's great. I'm not sure that I know your sister.
TrendyCurlz (2 years ago)
+Trina Biscoe I'll be in philly this weekend! I find it easier to make friends in philly than in Nj where I live. But I guess it could be that everyone knew my sister therefore they were nice to me.
Trina Biscoe (2 years ago)
I reached out to several females. This particular one I reached out too. However she says she don't know me I said that's why I'm reaching out to you. O well. I make effort but I don't push. Honey I see the same thing that goes on with females.
Trina Biscoe (2 years ago)
Thx hunni.
TrendyCurlz (2 years ago)
+Trina Biscoe a www I feel ya
Trina Biscoe (2 years ago)
That's true. It's difficult I know. I don't tell my private business. I tell surface things until I know that person is true to our friendship. I haven't gotten that yet.
TrendyCurlz (2 years ago)
+Trina Biscoe that's why I try to be open to people. It's very hard because you never really know what some people's motives are, but we have to try
VivKittie32 (2 years ago)
This was great! Thank you for addressing this topic because it's so important and it tends to get shoved aside.
TrendyCurlz (2 years ago)
thank you for watching my video
Who I Am (3 years ago)
It is social media. I can relate.
Ally235G (3 years ago)
How can you see the replies to your video?
Ally235G (3 years ago)
What a great video! I am a 27 year old female and I have a ton of guy friends and a few girl friends. Women intimidate me. I feel more judged around them. Perhaps I judge myself. Women are competitive as well. I totally agree that it is hard to make friends as adults.
babydoll (10 months ago)
totally relate
PeppeRash (3 years ago)
Absolutely adore you! And you are so right. It is hard to find female friends.
Sharon Wilson (5 years ago)
umm... goood topic!!! i feel the same way, and asked myself the same thing, often! I consider myself a friendly person, but maybe NOT to others. :( I am a Evang. in my church, and have been in the religious role for half my life.. but i HAVE NO FRIENDS within that realm. wonder why? insecurity? low self-esteem? or just 'hate people'? (strong word), but should be address... but i'm NOT a hater, but just dislike people craziness. *gues that's why i have no friends.  too *serious. Well, i think this is a great topic, and should be address more deeply. ie.. is it because of low self esteem, or sexual or physical abuse... lots of reason why friends are NOT in the pictures.... (honestly, think that's my issue. ..  abuse)  :) anyway .. . Love your videos ..  especially the one on the bags and 'closet' space.... inspired me to do the same in mine.  keep it up! will be following you on your 'Real Talk' videos!
TrendyCurlz (5 years ago)
That's sad the people act like that. I find that most women want me to do a lot or expect for me to help or do things for them all the time.
TrendyCurlz (5 years ago)
Since this video, I was lucky enough to have acquired a few new friends, but for the most part its not as easy as people think.
TrendyCurlz (5 years ago)
ive noticed that distance doesn't determine a friendship :0)
ODESSA_the_AMAZING (5 years ago)
You're expressions are funny. lol I do agree with you 100%. I have had 5 close friends in high school, as time went on those same females began acting funny with me for no reason. I don't have any friends. I would meet other women seeking friends on a social network where they aren't able to see photos of me. They'll be talkative and interested in seeing what could come out of it, as soon as they see a picture of me they'll stop talking. I am very pretty by the way. So i do think it's jealousy.
Dana Allen (5 years ago)
I'm so happy I came across this video. I know plenty of people but I've never been out going and cant seem to develop close friendships with people that are genuine. I'm glad that I'm not alone on this subject. I think there are many reasons why It's difficult to make friends. I've noticed more than ever that people are just all for family. I find it to be sad, but it's true. People are also very phony and just mingle to use you without the intention of developing a true friendship. Maybe it's
Alexandra Torkelson (6 years ago)
I really enjoyed your video! I just wish that you were living close to me.. so we could be friends! You remind me of my self soooo much! Much love from A :-)
R L (6 years ago)
Yes i have the same problem making female friends to me is hard my mind shuts down and the conversation just doesnt flow its hard to relate n open up..ugh its like a duty for me not just something that comes easy but its easier with males for some reason maybe due to the fact my brother had a huge part of taking care of me when i was growing up idk help!.I want to go out and do girly things movies trips to the bitch but sometimes i feel i dont like the bitch standing next to me if we cant talk
R L (6 years ago)
Yes i have the same problem making female friends to me is hard my mind shuts down and the conversation just doesnt flow its hard to relate n open up..ugh its like a duty for me not just something that comes easy but its easier with males for some reason maybe due to the fact my brother had a huge part of taking care of me when i was growing up idk help!.I want to go out and do girly things movies trips to the bitch but sometimes i feel i dont like the bitch standing next to me if we cant talk
Yankeezcap (6 years ago)
so accusing men of being an underlying issue is preaching? last time I checked it was accusing. you can't talk to your man about your female problems... why is this chick so obsessed with bringing up men? it's really annoying, but I'm done beating a dead horse on that. 5:22 idiotic conspiracy theory is idiotic. 6:15 you just claimed there are perfect women. I'm starting to see why you have no friends. my opinion: I should have just clicked the back button.
Decade526 (6 years ago)
I want to be your baby daddy
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@Pascall1231 thank you for comment it means a lot to me when you get involved in the discussion
35Redcar (8 years ago)
Real talk. It is hard tokeep really good friends because they all become jealous of one another. I had a really good friend from 1988..... that is a long timeto know someone. Now that she has a man. She is better then me, Go ahead BOO. She is getting married, but now she can only talk about married things , not single things that matter to an old friends, who miss her. My mother always told me friend come dime a dozen, there are to many people out there that you can find a really go friend.
dezinediva (8 years ago)
Yes I do. I always have. I find it interesting because I am a funny and really really down to earth kinda girl. But i always would get (later when the person finally got to know me), oh i thought you was stuck up, i thought you thought you was all that or a b*tch. Why, because maybe i am not smiling, etc. I have never been a randomly smiling kinda person, and most ppl are not. Insead of just goin out on a limb, its like nope. Or I get mean looks, etc. It's like WTF. Get to know me, or say hi!
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@crystalnnodim I agree
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@colorfulsin I know that is right
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@MrsWifey1983 I agree, my computer has become my new best friend I spend more time with her than i do my friends
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@TheDoritosfan you are so right ive said it many times no respect and no values is the newest trend
Norlin Shantel (8 years ago)
Women are too busy!!! and with work, family, facebook, myspace, texting ...etc... we are forgetting that we need to meet and build long term friendships.
Gee Gee (8 years ago)
men.. is always the problem. and jealousy
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@AriesXDiamond thanks for responding, and I do agree, but your man can only be taken if he wants to go. But I also don't agree with having any women all up in my mans face.
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@KimQueenie I agree with you, I have a closer relationship with my computer than I do my friends and I tend to spend way more time with it than I do regular people. Its sad but that is what we have been deduced to.
I really think Friendships between men and females are suffering because of the lack of communication due to texting youtube facebook video games. We would rather talk to a camara or communicate via text. Im not bashing these methodes because I use them, but its hurting our society. Thats just my opinion.
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@MissLovelyKiera You are absolutely right its hard and with men its harder. Thanks for commenting on the vid
L (8 years ago)
I know exactly what you mean! As an adult it is very hard to build true friendship NOT associations with women. I have been in metro Atlanta for about 10 years and I though it was just this fake pretentious town, so this rant makes me feel a little better, but it's still a very sad and discouraging phenomenon.
TOLECIA STANLEY (8 years ago)
Hey girl!! i am so glad i came across this video because i was just thinking about that the other wkend...i am almost 28 yrs. old married, with 2 kids and no close friends, i would love to have some1 i could hang out with or just talk to about things that females talk about...life can be so overwhelming and it would feel good to have some1 you could actually call a geniune friend!
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@jazzydgurl I will be looking out for it
Debra James (8 years ago)
i like this rant talk, and i will make a video. let me gather my thought processes lol.
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@brucinda01 thank you so much, and im jealous that it is so easy for you lol may be you should give us ladies some pointers.
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@caramel100percent see a lot of use want to have friends
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@morethanawoman87 I totally agree with you
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@CHAQUI11 see that is wonderful and you are truly blessed to have friends like that
Cee Ivy (8 years ago)
wow im still close with my junior high friends over 10yrs strong we may meet up once or twice a month bc we are all married and have kids but we talk often we celebrate each other successes
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@sonyacollier2000 thanks and i agree i think women have become to competitive for their own good
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@jnellegirl I wonder why can't we all just get along lol
radiantbeauty74 (8 years ago)
I agree with you. I don't have any close female friends. I had one close female friend but we grew apart. To me it seems like there is always an issue of jealously. I have a hard time making friends from both male and females because some of the females tend to be jealous of me and the males get jealous if I be friends with another male
SKCOLRE7 (8 years ago)
girl... i just came across your video and i have been struggling with this for awhile. i have no really close friends; you know, that girl's house that you can just show up at you don't have to call. nobody to run to walmart with me, lol... when my husband and i go somewhere he can just start up a convo with other men but women look at me all strange so i'm like dang! i dont feel like i'm insecure or jealous & i mos def do not wnt any1elses man. sumtimes try 2 get rid of my own. gr8 topic!
Shavonne Trenise (8 years ago)
@AffinityLane1611 Girl its all right...their loss real talk!!!!! I don't have many friends myself and I took that as a sign from God to work on myself!! Stay strong sweetie.. :))
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@TheCoca84 I agree with you im thinking about doing a social outing in my area
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
@RedVillainLostLimbz sp-anks!!!!!!=special thanks u r not alone
yeah you're kinda right Lol :D
coloravon (8 years ago)
So true. I did like this topic.
Truly Her (8 years ago)
I just realized within the last few weeks my friends are not my friends. Real Friendship is hard to come by it seems these days. N Thats my issue everytime I want to go out for fun I have no one to call.
terbie09 (8 years ago)
I agree it is really hard to develop long lasting friendships. I have maybe one real female friend and she lives in marland and I live in nj. I had a couple close friends while I was in HS but the one friendship I had then that lasted seems to be fading. So I really don't consider her a close friend, but I don't know whats up with that. IDK but i agree that it is hard to develop long lasting friendships with other females now a days.
Kwest-Ann Samuels (8 years ago)
I have been in the same college for 3 years and I have no female friends who I think I will keep in touch with after I graduate.. and I tried to make friends I really did.......but with the senseless arguments and the envy.. i gave up.. acquaintances are the way to go for me.. i keep in touch with my high school gf's... never had drama with them... SOME females just do not appreciate growing with and supporting each other... and it is hard to find the one's that do...such a shame
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
That is a really good point
Val Jordan (8 years ago)
I will agree with you about it being harder to make adult female friendships when after relocating. I have the same problem. All of my friends are out of town, since childhhood and the workplace. I do believe it's a trust issue, as well as comfort zone. As we experience things in life we channel ourselves to be involved with a variety of things, friendships have been formed. I believe it's what we decide is important..friendships, REAL friendships are probably harder to form after adulthood
TrendyCurlz (8 years ago)
thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
f gayle (8 years ago)
Hair is poppin!
Rachel D (9 years ago)
I agree with u precious. In high school I had a group of girlfriends but after graduation we fell apart. I'm now 22 and I have no girlfriend/s to shop with, or go out with. When I shop I go with my boyfriend and some things I know he doesn't want to hear. There are times when I tell him that I don't have a true friend he says that he is my true friend. I know I'm still young but you are right when you try to make friends people think you want something from them.
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
Im not saying that this is true for all females some women are lucky like that but it does happen to a lot. And i noticed that all of your friends are spread out. What about close relationships with people/women closer to you. i have the same problem all of my female friends are spread out across the country
seekingthepeace (9 years ago)
Yes, you are wrong....I have lots of nice woman friends that either I have worked with or went to school with.....and these people I called them my "life friends", because in my heart I know I will be with them forever....so far.. I have and truly..5 life friends, one died she use to live in georgia...all my life friends live far from me...one is in md, two is in CA, one is vegas, and one is in dc...and I live in pa..some friends are just people for a year or two, but life friends are forever
The Weekenders (9 years ago)
The more successful you are, the more you will attract envy and hatred. And if you're pretty...Oh god, better lock your doors!! LOL. They say that "jealousy is the most sincere form of flattery", however its also the most destructive. You're totally right in your evaluation of the situation. Until women learn to feel secure and stop driving themselves crazy comparing themselves to other women- our relationships together will always be strained.
The Weekenders (9 years ago)
Hey! Its great that you made this video because I have been experiencing the same problems. I think way to many women are too busy focusing on their own insecurities to have close relationships with other women. I have tried many times in the past to have female friends, but I always find that our relationships turn sour and when I dig deeper to find the reason why, jealousy is always the culprite :( There is just way to much competition between women.
PokerFace.est87 (9 years ago)
you insecurities show whether you want them too or not...so if she's scared about the friend being around her man like you said she don't need to be there then. n that's an insecurity they have in they relationship. respect is commanded not demanded. i have not 1 female friend in the entire state of nc and i've been here for 6 years now...why? they're immature. you HAVE to get to know a person b4 gettin into a relationship otherwise your set up for failure and pain. my sis is still my bff...lol
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
trust is a big issue when it comes to making friends
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
I have the same thing and its crazy, but i understand that they we are still friends just in different places in our lives.
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
thank you please do a video response.
MariRamirez (9 years ago)
"look, ya'll done got me to preach'n" LOL!!!! Love it...as soon as I get a minute i'm gonna video response you... BTW, I LOVE REAL TALK! Please keep those coming!
Laura Martinez (9 years ago)
Yes it is hard to find female friends that you can trust... I only have 1 bff... and she could even tell you that it took some time to break that wall down... I have had several so called "friends" in the past, but they have at some point disrespected me, lied to me, stabbed me in the back, or somehow bad mouthed me to other people. I find it all to be jealousy.. They want what you have and they are mad b/c they don't have it...so they try to be you down b/c misery loves company.
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
I totally understand you on that. I have to watch and listen to people and see where they are coming from before i make them a friend and you have to do that too. You have to protect u and your child, and not let just anyone in your life. But its not just us that have the problem its those women out there who are not trust worthy and etc they have a problem that needs to be worked on also
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
Im the same way as you youtube and tv have become subs for people but we gotta change that gurl
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
like a few people on here have said making a few female friend is like starting a new relationship take your time and really get to know that person
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
yeah u are so lucky
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
i feel like i have a lot of people around me but no one close, and then i have a friends for different places too, but know one to build a close, lasting relationship with. i personally think things get harder as we get older.
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
Thank you so much
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
i find that too, its kinda sad to look back and see how people and times have changed. me and my girlfriends are kinda in that stage now.
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
Thank you, and i understand all to well about that high school mess, i couldn't stand it in high school and i aint dealing with it now.
almondbrown09 (9 years ago)
Yes it is a lil harder 2 find a female that u can trust 2 actually b ur FRIEND. Sum of these females here are still stuck in high school mode. Example: When they find out that ur associates w/ sum1 they don't like, they try & get u 2 not like that person 2. Or they are jealous of what u have (man, house, clothes etc) I got a man and a child & I can't b goin out EVERY DAMN WEEKEND! I've lost "friends or associates" b/c of that. Glad I have 5 sisters. I like this lil series that ur startin!!!
Mllascelles1 (9 years ago)
@PreCi0uSsS ...my "problem" is I need to watch ppl in action first. How you interact with other women or treat ppl in general. So far I'm not too pressed therefore I have acquaintances or "yeah I know her's". My bf's are my sisters & for now I'm cool with that but @ 34 yrs is it sad to say "no I don't have any friends". The crazy part is my son (6 yrs) is the same he can take or leave others b/c he doesn't see us interacting with others AND THATS WHEN I GET DISAPPOINTED N MYSELF... good topic!!!
im10ika (9 years ago)
My real freinds live far away and just over time the relationship just whithered away. Most of my freinds weren't married, with no kids and often time they would want to hang but I couldn't. I was so worried about my new house being in tip top shape before I invited anyone over, not to them its just too far. I guess its my fault. Don't really know. Life changes I guess
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
I know they had there problems but they seemed to care about each othere enough to work it out.
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
i have one but i never ever get on youtube gets 100% of my attention i'll get a message here before i get it anywhere else
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
i agree i am the kind of person if you have put in sometime then i can deal with a lifttle mess, but when new women come into my life with that new mess they quickly get the boot.
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
I agree sometimes you can be your own worst enemy
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
Don't get me wrong if you can tell your man everything that is good, but there are some women who dont have the honor of having that kind of man, like they will listen but they can't give you the feed back or understand you need.,
TrendyCurlz (9 years ago)
that is a good point.
Lipglossandheels24/7 (9 years ago)
I have a close group of six or so friends who are amzing, Most have kids however we do a lot together. I'm single w/o kids-PCOS, and love vibing with fabulous, open minded women. I feel you, vibing with my guy is okay but nothing like watching sex in the city or girlfriends with ya girls, eating pizza and talking trash. Stay Fab, love your videos.
Csmart01 (9 years ago)
You hit the hammer on the nail head. Thinking back 10 plus years I had a close friend...something challenged our friendship and it ended. Since then I struggled to trust others. Now that I have matured I have several circles one, a friend from college another from work. A group from the daycare my kids attended. Relationships require work, we have to build on them. The daycare group has become closer b/c we go out to dinner at least once a month or every other month. Quailty time is key!
Isis2775 (9 years ago)
Good topic. I agree. I only have one close or bbf. It use to make me sad. But I am getting over it. I also moved an in Nc have no close friends. I consider you a friend. We have so much in common. But like my BBf you are in NJ girl. I am puuting that on my New Year list too make 1 local girlfriend.
poetree2000 (9 years ago)
hmm guess i'm lucky...i have close friends that i've known since 1st grade
Mllascelles1 (9 years ago)
conti... I understand your position b/c looking back my mothers' friends and family were the same...same group...same circle...same houses to visit. BUT I was an inquisitive child and always over-heard the back stabbing phone convo's too...maybe that's why I don't trust women... : (
levikatt44 (9 years ago)
By the way, are you on Facebook? Maybe we can become distant friends (I'm in Chicago)! LOL
Mllascelles1 (9 years ago)
What I've come to learn is as I grow older I grow less tolerant for nonsense. For me I have close friends in NJ and I live in NY and don't have any female friends in NY. I don't and can't stand the non-sense that accompanies female bonding. Whenever I try or attempt to nonsense comes with it. AND maybe it's the type of women I'm attracted to or that are attracted to me but jealousy, envy, and hate has always followed. I really don't have the patience for it.
mdragon180 (9 years ago)
I agree with alot of what you said. I don't find it hard to make female friends - but I do fine it hard to keep female friends. Not because I'm afraid they'll take my man - just I never felt the need to have a close longterm girlfriend. I'm usually the one who will pull back. My best friend has always been my hubby - and I do talk to him about EVERYTHING! I feel I can talk to him about any issue - including female. My best Youtube friend is also a guy. :-)

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