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Meet the Parents (4/11) Best Movie Quote - Polygraph Test (2000)

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Text Comments (46)
fba90130 (3 days ago)
He watched the Peepee tape.
Chris (13 days ago)
Have you ever watched pornographic videos....lol
Raven (2 months ago)
Imagine having jack burns as a father in law!😮
jeddawi (2 months ago)
Whats the name of the actor who falls at the beginning??.
troy lee (26 days ago)
jeddawi Ben Stiller
Sjoerd van Gemert (2 months ago)
Dive= die*
Adam Khid (3 months ago)
"Its a cozy little nook" LMAOO
Adam Khid (3 months ago)
I understand about lying about the pot roast but why would you lie about watching porn? Makes no sense everybody by the age of 9-10 has watched porn
TheChosen2030 (1 month ago)
I started at 16
Gray Fox [ROU] (4 months ago)
It cant be good when your future father-in-law is in a picture with Collin Powell and ”Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf.
Glenn Zornig (5 months ago)
DeNiro, putting the electrodes on Trumps hand "Don't worry you'll enjoy this".
Sam Simmity (7 months ago)
Not sure why you would have to hide about watching porn videos. Who the hell hasn't watched...
amy clarke (8 months ago)
the dad has issues
homes24 (9 months ago)
Wtf is up with this uploader always posting half ass clips, then no next part
Trini very beautiful (9 months ago)
Waste of good time watching this movie, total stupidness
Marc-André Lafleur (8 months ago)
olbrechts serge (8 months ago)
Marc-André Lafleur Must be a Trump hugger.
Marc-André Lafleur (8 months ago)
this movie is a classic what you mean?
Ian (10 months ago)
Anyone else here because of SNL? 2018!
Mark Hosaka (9 months ago)
Lol i did
Ismael Martinez Garay (10 months ago)
Ian yeah mean jokes classic
M Pa (10 months ago)
He tries to answer the porno question with a straight face but needles are jumping haha
Tee OB (7 months ago)
Damn, Sherlock Holmes here cracked the case of this clip.
ad (8 months ago)
omg did u watch the clip too?
potpolima (11 months ago)
I think every adult person on this planet have watched porno
steve Kos (1 year ago)
wouldn't it be funny if while jack would be in there without anyone knowing, someone in the bedroom that holds its entrance had people in it where they then rearranged heavy furniture, and then where jack couldn't get out and would have to call for help to be able to get out?
James Sam (11 months ago)
Poopy Pants diggity (1 year ago)
My dog has watched pornos
John Stern (11 months ago)
Sometimes I ask myself, why do I read youtube comments?
Adam Khid (1 year ago)
"its a coozy little nook" HAAA
kstanni87 (1 year ago)
I wonder, isn't illegal for civilians (non government official and non police officers) to own such devices like that? - I mean isn't crossing the line for example... if families used that on their offspring for example?
UniversalSnip (10 months ago)
what's the point of banning something that doesn't even really work
Dionius (1 year ago)
No, because the polygraph isn't an accurate piece of equipment
Karl V Redweld (1 year ago)
He's CIA
Joseph Jackson (1 year ago)
Hi my name is Joseph I like this movie is funny and sad
hiddentomb1 (2 years ago)
wish I had a secret room in my house like that, somewhere to disappear to where everything I like to do is in there. It could be a game room, have the internet going, have a mini fridge stocked up with ice cold drinks. Right that's it, I'm getting my saw and hammer
Venoms House (10 months ago)
hiddentomb1 i agree! But the only problem i see is that if your someone like me (addicted to games, consoles or pc) creating a room nice and cosy like this one, adding all your games nd fridges ect, say goodbye to social life and become the "live in a basement" person lol. But nonethe less, if i had the money, i would probabley be that person. xD Sorry about some of my spelling. Im high, its taken me something like 10 mins to type all this on my phone lol. Enjoy your day all :)
kstanni87 (1 year ago)
maybe some people don't have the luxury to have such personal rooms, it can be difficult to establish such rooms compared to not touching diaries or private shelf or bedroom table drawers.
Agent1W (2 years ago)
+hiddentomb1 I hate the concept of a "man cave". You should be able to do that anywhere and everywhere in your own house, I think.
KegPatcha (3 years ago)
I love this movie! Está muy cagada!
Walter White (4 years ago)
Thank god, Hank never made me take one of those
+Lone Wolf Logic
Lone Wolf (2 months ago)
+I Apologize for this CommentHow do you know?
+Lone Wolf He's in prison m8
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
Walter White Hey Walter what do you think Jesse is doing with his new found freedom?
Ye but you both died

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